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A few days into fashion week I was walking back from the Giles show when my heel literally fell off… mid step it just fell out! I didn’t step on any uneven surfaces, I just heard the sound of a nail drop on the floor and guess what? It was my heel. So devastated, I’m going to take them into ACNE later on this week and see if there’s anything they can do. Boo-hoo!

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  1. ahhh man this is not cool!
    Hope they can be fixed, things you paid alot of money for shouldn’t be doing this.

  2. not the first time I have seen this happening with the nail heels of acne shoes! hope they will be able to do it as I heard there is nothing that can be done! good luck!

  3. elles sont SUPERBES

  4. OMG that’s horrible! I hope you didn’t twist your ankle or broken your leg, my friend once suffered the fomrer. Not fun. Suffering for fashion. X


  5. You should demand an entire outfit in compensation for the horror of possibly being photographed outside a Giles show heel-less.

  6. Noooo, as soon as I read the title, I knew its this that it’d refer to. Hope Acne sort it out for you. x


  8. OH NO! That’s horrible!! I hope ACNE will be able to fix it for you!

    Love from Seoul,


  9. UGH that happened to my beloved Margiela nail boots a few years ago… and when I emailed them about it, the response was “Unfortunately this is not the first time we have heard of this happening”…

    And through my moves around the world, I somehow lost the nail. Boooooooo!

  10. I’m sorry, I own a pair of sandals similar to these Acne. So far so normal because I’ve worn only once.
    Let me know how Acne resolves the situation.


  11. Love that these photos of your broken heel are so gorgeous! Really hope they can do something! That was such a sad moment. You were such a champ about it though… balancing on your shoe without a heel! Interested to hear how they react. xx

  12. interesting shoes;)

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