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Wearing: Rusted silk shirt from my graduate collection, DIY braid belt, T by Wang tank, Jaeger trousers. 
I found this braided calico sample when going through an old uni box, makes a pretty good quick-to-fashion belt. I’ve been wearing this shirt from my last collection quite a lot recently, I’ve lost count of how many times I’ve been told that I’ve spilled something on myself.

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  1. amazing shirt. to me, it looks as if you had run through a flower field and collected some pollen with your blouse. it’s beautiful.


  2. You spilled something on yourself!

    Actually I love Agnes’s theory. Yes, pollen. Especially as I just wallked inside – very steeped in hay fever – window open and flowers in windowbox neon in the sunlight. Gorgeous, love it with the braid.

    And thanks for your comment – yes I agree, almost garish – and I don’t love everything but there is something about the geometry with the rainbow and black.. I was thinking about what you wrote in the Dior post: I found the same ‘lessons’ as an art director at Simon & Schuster. My boss, the creative director, said ‘get it right first in black and white. The rest is just window dressing.’

    Sorry if I’m not making any sense, but so excited to see one of your own designs & hope all’s going well with the new collection! xo

  3. Just came from style crusader’s blog….. I can’t wait to see your collection for sure!!!

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