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Wearing: Oxblood leather half corset made by me for my graduate collection, Topshop maxi dress, Dr Marten suede shoes, Helmut Lang handcuff bracelet.
A simpler outfit for the second day spent in Antwerp. This is the first time I’ve worn one of the pieces from my graduate collection, it’s a good idea to wear a piece for a day and see how practical it actually is.  

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  1. oh no – i can’t believe it: you’ve got MY (supposed to be mine) helmut lang cuff that i’ve been looking for so long! where did you get it?

    (beautiful pictures by the way ;) )

  2. Aww! I got mine off eBay. They pop up on there all the time.

  3. How’d you find wearing the piece for the day? Looks pretty stinking awesome… if I saw you in it I might have to steal it off of you.

    The photos are gorgeous! Really love the close up shots. xx

  4. That half leather corset is stunning! I can’t believe you made it, the detailing is incredible and I’d be snapping up one of these straight away if I ever saw one in a store.

  5. oh man the docs are killers ! suede, really ?

  6. These photos turned out amazing. You look sooo beautiful! Can’t wait to buy loads and loads from your upcoming collection. Love x

  7. I love the leather accent!

    Well done design, and great shots!


  8. that is so original and nice! lovely pics!

  9. WOW! That leather corset is ABSOLUTELY FABULOUS! Is it for sale? I didn’t see it on your website! I love it!!!


    Follow each other?

  10. love your half corset, it’s gorgeous

  11. Excellent! Following :)

  12. Huh I’d buy off that HL bracelet in a sec :p

    … and I’m serious :)

    ps. great androgynous look!

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