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Lots of behind the scenes phone pics from the day we shot my AW12 film at Asylum in East London. The building we were shooting in was an old chapel, unchanged since it was bombed in WW2. I was so excited not just because of the location but because it was really the first time I was seeing the collection on somebody, seeing how the pieces worked as outfits and seeing them come alive.

Huge massive kudos to Layla Young for not complaining once even when being told to walk around barefoot in just tights and a sheer dress, when it was snowing outside! It was so cold that day, so we made a refuge shelter in the bathroom with portable heaters and fur coats, it got quite toasty! It was also a pleasure to work with Mark from Polymath films again, as he also produced the SS12 film and makes any shoot fun and exciting.

If you haven’t seen the AW12 film yet, then here goes.

Charlie May AW12 fashion film
The Question of Believing
Directed and produced by Mark Gostick
Art Direction by Alexxsia Elizabeth
Hair by Alex James Fairbairn
Make up by Tricia Temple
Model: Layla Young from Select 

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  1. congrats , love.. somthing to really look forward to

  2. love the location and the video is great! x

  3. Gosh, what a beautiful space. x

  4. The location and styling are awesome!
    Greetings from Santiago, Chile.

    @cristianpavezd on Twitter.

  5. This is amazing Charlie. I was seriously glued to the edge of my seat on the day you shot this… waiting for the next photo to pop up on my Twitter feed!

    I love how happy and positive the model looks in all the behind-the-scenes shots. So interesting when contrasted with the dark spooky vibe of the hair/makeup/styling/location!

    I want to come to your next shoot! Mwaahaha… but only if it’s in a warm location. JK.

    Congratulations again on the incredible collection. You should be mega-proud. xx

  6. Haha, well the next one will be in summer so that’s more than a possibility!

  7. So great to see some behind the scenes shots. Beautiful textures of the location juxtaposed with the clean cut clothes. Congratulations.

    Do check out my photography if you have a moment.

    Kate Woods


  8. WOW so beautiful location to take photographs!
    xo katrina

  9. fab location x

  10. cool shoot, that building is absolutely stunning!


  11. Great foto shoot:D

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