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Beekeeping never looked so good

i-D The Lovers of Life Issue
Photography: Norbert Schoerner
Styling: Charlotte Stockdale

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  1. best ed. i’ve seen in awhile- really creative idea

  2. that last shot! those shoes!


  3. thx for the comment!

    followin :)

  4. beautiful set of images here, love’em all

    (a new blog!)

  5. I would really go do beekeeping if they will require me to wear those! Really gorgeous and cute! It feels like you are just modeling with the bees! Thank you for sharing this really cute pictures!

  6. SO Many Eddie Izzard quotes come to mind…. my favorites being ‘I’m covered in beeeeeeeeees’ and ‘I like my coffee like I like my women, covered in beeeeeeeeeees’. :)
    On a serious note these photographs are really beautiful!!! :)

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