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Aristocratic Tea Party

Beautiful tea party set in Abbots Leigh wood to celebrate my friend Loren turning 21. I think it must have been the most stunning party I had ever been to. Everyone brought cake and we drank tea and then later, wine. Loren had set up a marque of sorts right by the lake, with a cave directly below that he lit up with tea lights. Bats were flying in and out, whizzing past us all.
Most importantly was all the wonderful people I met there that night, not to mention one in particular who i’m sure I will come to blog about soon enough.

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  1. wow, very feudal :)

  2. Oh my god looks like the best party ever:)!!!


  3. wow this is beautiful :)

    come through and visit my fashion based PHOTOGRAPHY blog when you get the chance !

    Lindsey Mak

  4. What a perfect setting to have a tea party! It all looks magical.

  5. WOW that looks a STUNNING party!!, beautiful photos too. Ahhh i’m designing an outfit at the moment, and its going to have teacups printed all over it. The outfit would look great in a scene like that


    nad xxx

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