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My 24 hour Paris trip with Farfetch was filled with excitement – we’d gone for The Playlist event in the evening which left us a day to explore the city. After we’d checked in to our hotel, Le General, we headed out in our car for the day (now I know how good those fashion editors have it); first we stopped of at L’eclaireur for some fantasy shopping and then afternoon tea at the Ritz! Unfortunately no photos were aloud inside except for some sneaky Instagrams, which was a shame but I get that it’s probably better for everyone else not to have my fat DSLR sticking in their face. The rain was pretty terrible whilst we were there, we sat eating our afternoon tea and the buckets of water being thrown off the Ritz canopy was quite mesmerising to watch! After this it was time to get back in the car and head back to the hotel for Ladurée macaroon time. The next day we had time for breakfast and then it was back to Gare du Nord where I was headed back to London and straight to the Sanderson for an Alice in Wonderland themed afternoon tea, where I was more than welcome to take pictures. What a perfect end to the perfect trip!

Thank you to the Farfetch team for such a wonderfully organised adventure and to Alex and Karen for the fun company!

P.S. – Can we please talk about the pills for breakfast at the hotel? I can’t think of anything more ‘fashion’; there we have a perfectly normal breakfast buffet and then on the end little jars and spoons of pills to make you happy, younger, more beautiful. I wonder if this is the future?

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  1. Lovely photos! I absolutely love Paris x

  2. great pictures! looks like you’re having fun (:


  3. Amazing photos and thanks for sharing this fabulous post.

  4. Amazing photos! Love this post and Paris.


  5. YES you remembered the Hotel name, I definitely want to stay there next time! Lovely product placement in the second shot – did you steal the apple from Shini? I’ve seen it cropping up on Park and Cube…

    1. Well, thank you. The apple was actually already on the pillow! There were two on the bed, I guess instead of a mint?

      I want to go and play hunt the apple on Shini’s blog now…

    2. Oooh nice, although less hilarious now I know you didn’t place the apple. When you find it on Shini’s, you’ll also find a lovely comment from me.

  6. These photos are so unbelievably gorgeous. I just love Paris.

  7. such beautiful photos.

  8. Beautiful photos as always

  9. Beautiful pic & post… Paris is inspiration pour!!!
    Best regards from Germany

  10. The city is so great through your pictures!! And so many goodies! :D Lovely photos , I can imagine the fun you had :D

  11. Paris is top of my to do list this summer. BEAUT X

  12. un resumen muy interesante de P A R I S

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