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MK and Ashley Olsen at the Free Arts Auction

MK and Ashley Olsen at the Free Arts 12th Annual Art Auction.
MKs look kills me here, it is so spot on. Ashley’s look is pretty
incredible too.
I would wear all of this. Infact, I have started saving (more, clawing
back from the overdraft) for these Givenchy bandage wedges.
They will be mine!

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  1. oooh they do look good.

  2. oh i hope you’ll get them! just saw them yesterday at givenchy here in dubai, combined with some amazing white dresses and awesome golden sculptural necklaces. haven’t been a big fan of the collection – since yesterday ;)

  3. oh, i meant: until yesterday… ;)

  4. I prefer Ashley’s style most of the time, but MK certainly has the best shoes. Good luck with saving up for the wedges, they’re amazing!

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