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What I’m wearing today

My new Marni sandals!
They look so good in the middle of winter with really thick woolly tights.
Also I am getting seriously excited about Antwerp, maybe even more so than paris! I found this article in the guardian travel section; ‘City of Couture’. It’s illegal in Belgium to have promotional discounts outside of January and July so when they do have sales they have to get rid of all the old stock as quickly as possible, meaning 70% off! Oh my goodness, I am there!

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  1. those are so killer!

  2. great triangular middle cut. nice shoes!

  3. Wow! Those are good. I live in Mumbai, where winter is non-existent, so this combo is unthinkable.

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  4. Those are really cool :) love them with the black tights!
    Btw, The Stiletto Effect has a new “home” now: http://www.thestilettoeffect.com

  5. Great heels. The white looks great with black socks. I love Marni!

  6. Aw, those are great!


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