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Last week I went to the launch of Thomas Sabo’s Autumn/Winter 2010 jewellery collection at St Marks Church, One Mayfair.
The party was wild, with performances from Beth Ditto, Coco Sumner and DJ Jesus Luz.
The jewellery line itself was amazing, very mystical with a hard edge. Glass cabinets were set up in in the church with necklaces draped over the marble statues. Champaign and cocktails flowed continuously all night, with delicious hors d’oeuvres being served on giant glittered crosses.
It was certainly the chic-est party i’ve ever been do, I had so much fun and met so many incredible people. Coco and Beth were a definate highlight, such amazing women with so much style, and Coco is only 19! Sabo himself looked pretty amazing in a black sparkling jacket.
There was a rumor going around all night that Madonna was going to be attending with Jesus, it was even in the Metro the day before! Sadly she didn’t attend, although Jesus did blast out her latest single.

Spotted this morning on Jak&Jil, model wearing her Thomas Sabo necklace!

In other news I now have a flat in London! It’s perfect, and just where we wanted to be. I’ve been so busy traveling back and forth flat hunting, now all I have to worry about is packing up. I will be moving in 5 weeks!


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  1. Love the pictures, especially the last ones with the guitar :)

  2. I love how they have the jewelery on those amazing busts!


  3. Hehehhe fabulous <3 Loveeee love love love loveeee!! the jewelerry so much! looks like an awesome party. :) Bet you had fun!

    Ooooh, london eh? i’m moving there early september yayy :D , not sure where yet, but i have looked at sooo many places, infact, anything you can reccomend?

    I need to live in north west/north london somewhere.

    I’m going to studyyy at middlesex uni, fashion design, styling and promotion, but i might make an appointment and try and change it to straight fashion…not sure yet.

    nad xxx



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