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Despite some much debated Vogue Festival conversation (I didn’t actually get to see the Philo in conversation with Alexandra Shulman talk, but have been hearing all about it none the less), I still see Phoebe as an idol of sorts. A subtle transformation within myself that has lead me to replace heels for trainers, blazers for loose coats and.. bus for bike. I can’t really attune that last one to Phoebe, as it obviously makes more sense, but it was the Céline skater-vans, worn practically every day last summer biking into the studio; that lead me onto this flat fetish in the first place. Phoebe, classically of course always pictured in Nike Air Max’s, New Balance 620s or Stan Smiths.. personal style icon she is. 

I don’t know who started it anymore; Philo, this urban movement that has us all ditching heels for trainers (90’s take two) or, me simply growing up and realising practicality and comfort exudes the kind of confidence we all want, deep down. Anyway, welcome to my new uniform. Enough Philosophising (see what I did there!), jeez, I’m off to enjoy the rest of the weekend.

Photos by India


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  1. Kind of have the same perception of Phoebe, she sure brought something unique which I really can connect to. Love your outfit, right up my alley – clean lines, minimal colors, casual yet elegant .. really good!

    X STYLONYM http://www.stylonym.blogspot.com

  2. Totally agree – it’s a state of mind which exudes confidence and a little I-don’t-care. And you do it so well!

    PS, it should be the Philo effect not affect – sorry grammar nerd here :)

    Anna Lou X

    1. OMG I’m so glad you said because I was trying to figure it out. Hehe. Thank you!

      1. Haha no problem :)

  3. Totally agree!
    Love your watch here as well :-) It’s lovely.

  4. perfect!


  5. Lovely casual meets Tomboy look!

  6. black and white superstar :)


  7. She truly is an inspiration! This outfit is gorgeous, I have that same coat and it just looks amazing with everything.


  8. Totally agree, at least with the switching out heels for flats thing! Great outfit, as always!

    xx Nicole

  9. gorgeous as always. totally lusting for the black larsson & jennings goodness

  10. Love these pics to so much.. just pinned a few! ;)

    x Sharday


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