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Wearing: Limi Feu jacket, Haider Ackerman draped waistcoat, Jaeger polo neck, Complex Geometries skirt, petrol Dr Martens, D&G gloves

One of my favourite places in Devon, especially when it’s at it’s most moodiest. We were walking along the rocks beside the sea, with nobody around us except the odd fisherman and surfers running past to catch a wave. Insanity!

I took about 300 photos so I’ll be doing another post soon with more landscape. I’m also trying out a new look on the blog for the new year. Nothing too dramatic, just bigger pictures. I hope you like it and I hope you all had an amazing New Years! 

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  1. Had a long and surreal chat at the bus stop at 4.30 this morning with someone whose parents lived in Devon… Odd man. This is beautiful though. I miss the sea. X

  2. just found out that yer a gemini too. when’s yer bday?? haha

  3. Wow! Absolutely amazing pictures!

  4. Somehow the sophisticated sober dark drapes (ALLITERATION!) become even more enchanting by the raw yet fairytale like setting. And I’m in love with your iridescent brogues, it just adds that pint of capriciousness

  5. You have a wonderful blog & I adore the drapery. Followed for sure. Happy new year!

  6. These photographs are STUNNING!! Something really calming about looking at them. Just beautiful. Love the post :) xo

  7. what a beautiful outfit, you look stunning!

    Hope you had a wonderful New Year!

    Check out my blog for a review of V Nunes jewelry, thanks ;)

  8. Such a COOL blog you have! I love it! I see you have a canon camera, but what lens(es) are you using? You’re photos are really great! <3 you're welcome to visit my blog - lovemixtape.blogspot.com

    xx sui elise

  9. Fantastic photos! They look like froma fashion editorial! Love them and I looove your shoes! :D:X

  10. you are my king


  11. and you are my queen! xx

  12. SUI ELISE ALMBLOM: Thanks Sui! I use a Canon 50D DSLR and a 35mm 1.2 lens xx

  13. LOVE this outfit!

  14. That second photo is just perfect, perfect, perfect

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