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Wearing: Limi Feu boiled wool jacket, Jil Sander trousers, Ann Demeulemeester buckle boots, Mimco Bag
I love Sundays as it’s the day I can actually dress up, I’m currently working Monday to Saturday and wearing heels just doesn’t make any sense when your on your feet all day cutting out patterns and getting leather dye all over yourself (not that that stops me most of the time).

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  1. love the contrast of the bright white shoes! gorgeous photos! xx

  2. Love those shoes

  3. Great outfit!! The 2nd picture is especially beautiful! :D
    Thank you for your sweet comment x

    Haru x

  4. Sooo jealous of your Anne D’s! This is a gorgeous look.

    xx Cristina

  5. I love Rivington Street, I used to shoot there a lot back in the street style snap dayz. You look stunning in those acid white shoes….:P

  6. lush shoes, they really stand out on this outfit


  7. OOooo, dang girl! Work it! You look gorgeous!

    Missing Amsie Blog

  8. So beautiful and moody! xo

  9. amazing shoes

  10. Your shoes are absolutely gorgeous! I love the photos.


  11. i’m lovin ur style!!!!!!!!!!!
    Thank you for your sweet comment :)

  12. love your fantastic shoes and pictures!! im a new follower!!

    love the illustration. Burberry is so so cool. In respect of your opinion, im agree! im following!

    Look my blog and if you like it, follow me!




  13. LOVE those shoes! and your blog! keep it up girl.



  14. I love the shoes, they are really cool especially with those straps!! Demeulemesteer is one of myf av designer.

    However, I don’t like the mxi with the pants and the jacket (that are beautiful but not on this outfit, I think…)


  15. love the look!

    great boots

  16. Awesome shoes!

    Thanks so much for your comment, check out my new post if you like : )




  17. I am loving the contrast….the shoes bloom like flowers against the dark ensemble.

    But I think the detail I like most in this outfit is your coat….it is subtle but oozes charm and a sophisticated style. It does not scream look at me, but when you wear it passerby must look twice.

    Look forward to hearing from you


    Tashrin – Style musings of a Bengali girl from Toronto, Canada

  18. Lovey shoes!!! ;))

    Thanks for youre comment! ;)


  19. I’m obsessed with white shoes these days… glad to know I’m not alone!

    :: Farrah @ DISTRIKMODE ::

  20. Gorgeous outfit…lovely shots and post!

  21. Really cool shoes! Thanks for the comment on my blog! : )


  22. This is such an amazing outfit! Those boots are so WOW!



  23. great style and great photographs.
    you look really chic. ! love the blazer !

  24. Very interesting shoes! I never knew the original design is from Anne D, but then I’m a newbie at her designs))
    Lovely photoshoot, like the second photo very much!


  25. CRAZY SHOES! O.o
    Amazing look. Amazing Blog.


  26. Cool photos ;)

    cute jacket.

    xoxo F.

  27. these photos are beautiful!

    Isabel @ Walk of Fashion

  28. Beautiful. Obsessed with the shoes. incredible!

  29. great shoes! nice to see you have style as well as sense its only you that suffers when trying to run around in heels all day every day, there is nothing more off putting than seeing someone limp in heels. x

  30. amazing pics and outfit! lovely blog girl :)

  31. i looove the white shoes
    great look

  32. Lovely blazer :)

  33. Answer: It was :D

  34. superbes photos, et j’aime beaucoup ta tenue

  35. that’s just how i feel as well.. weekends- are to me about finally dressing up- feeling a bit prettier- just because I’m not exhausted or/and get food all over my clothes(work as a nursery teacher)

    hope you’re having a good week so far. love the outfit- especially the jacket.
    nice blog too!


  36. You look so nice:)

  37. unique shoes !

  38. such a great shoes!!

  39. The trousers are perfect! I love your hair, ti’s so effortless and beautiful.

  40. aaah those boots!!! love an d.!

  41. love the wedges

  42. you’re pics are so vibrant and full of life . . . i love it. and you betcha i adore those shoes.

  43. i would like to see a full view of that blouse – the colours look magic! great choice of white wedges – very bold and fashion forward!

    thank you for dropping by,


    x Your Only Blackswan

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