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Oversized summer


Claudie Pierlot at Harrods coat, One shoulder shirt & wide leg trousers from Charlie May, Adidas platform Stan Smiths from footlocker

claudie-pierlot-pink-trench-harrods-charlie-may-girl-a-la-mode-3charlie-may-half-shirt-silver-girlalamodecharlie-may-claudie-pierlot-girlalamode-5charlie-may-silver-one-shoulder-shirt-girl-a-la-mode-4claudie-pierlot-pink-trench-harrods-girl-a-la-mode-2charlie-may-half-shirt-silver-girlalamode-4claudie-pierlot-pink-trench-harrods-girl-a-la-mode-3charlie-may-silver-one-shoulder-shirt-girl-a-la-mode-2I’ve had a recent realisation this summer that I am all about a one shoulder top. I’ve been living in the asymmetric one shoulder tank during the heatwave and it was the perfect amount of sensible vs chic (haha I know how ridiculous that sounds).

This one shoulder shirt from my upcoming collection has also began heavy rotation. Refined for the day or evening, it’s an update on the hundreds of other silk shirts I have hanging in my wardrobe. I’m also veering towards satin textures over matte, who even am I? But I think when kept to a minimum this is a combination that works. Mixing my new pink Cladie Pierlot summer jacket with lightweight, super-wide leg trousers which are both of similar texture, the satin helps lift and makes the outfit. I like adding a touch of femme with the oversized pearls on this coat, also helping me out of my standard tomboy look.

If I look perplexed in some of the photos it was due to a rowdy bunch of school hecklers wanting to know about their future modelling career. No matter how many years of posing for photos for this blog and I still don’t know how to react to these occasions except shuffle about and look awkward! That’s the thing about a chunky DSLR camera these days, passers by think there must be something seriously professional going on and love to gawp. Lift your iphone in the air for an insta snap and no one bats an eye!

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  1. The top looks very luxurious and fitting amazingly!!

  2. Gorgeous!! Loving this coat babe!! Great styling and thanks for sharing x

    Millie x

  3. Such beautiful delicate colours!!

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