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My top picks this season

This season I have been transformed, I am talking about the trouser. Usually you can’t tear me away from my skirts and tights, but now I am desperately craving a pair of beautifully cut, super sexy trousers. Everything is looking so comfortable and sexy, I am actually excited for it to be winter. I’m tired of the downpours and then a few splinters of sunshine! I want crisp cold winter, then again, in England it rains all the time.

The dresses are also beautiful this season, my favourites being the bold coloured satins and the black moody but sophisticateds. I am crazy about Zac Posens styling; matching brightly coloured tights with such a dark dress. I will definately have to try it.

This is my favourite outfit so far, I adore the white chiffon dress with the black garter belt showing through, and that coat looks like something I could hibernate in all winter! YumYumYum!

(Zac Posen)

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  1. I love the Versace and Zac Posen. I always love Zac!

  2. I Love the little bow ties and minnie mouse ears! so cute!

  3. I really love the Versace collection! And Zac Posen is such a talented man. I also like the Balmain mini dresses!


  4. ooh i love all but i want the yellow tights! :)

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