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The first press day of the week was Exposure on Little Portland St. I was so pleased to see Katie Eary’s rail as I had completely missed the presentation at London Fashion Week, despite a tipsy Wolfwhistle telling me I had to come over immediately and see the er-hem, collection!
Katie Eary has teamed up with Lonsdale and the outcome is the mashing of 1950’s boxer with Katie’s hard edged British punk vibe; jewel encrusted boxing helmets, leopard print and tartan galore with some very vicious looking studded shorts. My favourite piece was the tartan shirt which to my delight when turned around had a pleated skirt back. Hoping i’ll see it turn up in her online shop very soon.
I also found this previously unseen (by me) video though VOLT mag this morning. It features Katie’s A/W 10/11 collection running wild in London’s “Lost Quarter” the Heygate Estate .
Directed by Hidden
Music by Burial

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  1. I LOVE Katie Eary but I’m undecided on this collaboration. I don’t know what about it isn’t really working for me but a few things I do really like, the tartan shoes are great.

  2. I agree that it was a bit safe for her but I think that’s what happens when you work with a brand like Lonsdale.
    I can quote her on saying that next season she is ‘going back to fun’.

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