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Aside from the embarrassing situation where I was put in Jessie J’s seat and then moved to sit with Vogue instead (show off to a total bad start), as soon as the lights went down and the music begun all bad feelings were forgotten. At the start of the catwalk there was a scrunched up foil back drop, a perfect clue for what was to come. Inspired by Baba Beaton: ‘A Symphony in Silver’ and The Bowes Museum’s ‘Silver Swan’, a huge white swan in ostrich feathers led the way with a white silk trousers suit underneath for the first look, followed by outfits in reds, silvers and pinks with laser cut patterns of clouds and swans, finishing with elegant evening gowns in silks and ostrich plumes taking up the whole catwalk sweeping up forgotten feathers. My favourite without a doubt was all the silver pieces, matching the invitations of silver shredded paper masks, Giles definitely gave us the most dramatic show of LFW.

 This ticket was sponsored by Glaceau Vitamin Water

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