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Craig Lawrence’s SS12 collection featured layering of evening dresses and box pleat skirts, sweetie bra’s  and loose knit jumpers all in pastel and metallic yarn. The presentation was very craftmanship focused, with a man reading out how every outfit was made replacing the usually heavy beat of the catwalk. It was very serene and allowed you time to really appreciate what you were seeing. It was through this I learned that Swarovski crystals were embedded into the strands of yarn for particular garments that glistened as they moved. The styling was obviously incredible, I don’t know how or who made the headpieces, but they were the perfect finishing touch.

***Thank you anonymous commenter (who says they’re all bad?) The headpieces are by Steven Doherty made from Alacantara fabric with Swarovski elements.***

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  1. Perfect collection! Can I have everything please? :)


  2. The head pieces and bags are by Steven Doherty, made from alacantara fabric with Swarovski Elements

  3. Adore the headpices!

    xoxo Despite color

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