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Today was the best start to a Monday morning I’ve had in a long while; getting tweets from friends to say, ermagahd, you’re on Another’s homepage! – it can’t get better than that.

You can read the rest of the article too by clicking the link above.

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  1. you are killing me. this is the most excellent thing I’ve seen in a long while. There are a few things that I see and that inspire me, but this is done to the perfection. So striking. Any magazine that would not publish this editorial have some not very smart people as their leaders. Congrats!!

  2. It looks incredible. Well done, lady!

  3. I was so excited to see this!! Please don’t forget us when you’re super famous…

  4. both your clothes and editorial are immaculate! x

  5. both your clothes and editorial are immaculate! x

  6. both your clothes and editorial are immaculate! x

  7. This is like the definition of minimal. Gorgeous!

  8. this is SOOO incredible! though i can’t say i’m surprised, you totally deserve it! this shoot is so dynamic. the last shot with the lil bit of crack… EPIC!



  9. This is fantastic! One of the best I’ve seen in recent memory. Love, love, love. xx Hana

  10. the best editorial ever!

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