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Nude leather studded cuff  giveaway – open until 15th March

I wanted to finally take the opportunity to thank you, my readers, for all the support you’ve given me since the beginning of this blog; before I even knew I would set up my own label and be in the position I am today. I feel so excited about where Charlie May is and heading right now and I still have to pinch myself because I can’t believe it!

So, as a thank you I’m giving one nude leather studded bracelet from SS13, pictured above. I’ll post anywhere in the world so the giveaway is open to everyone :) Just kindly leave your email address or twitter handle in the comments so I can get in touch with the winner.

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  1. I am always so impressed by your label!

  2. So gorgeous!

    Kate Neary


  3. I would enter this if I didn’t have one already. Oh wait, mine’s black! ANOTHER PLEASE.

  4. its so pretty!xx


  5. I’m probably not allowed to enter, but what they hey!

  6. @annabosworth
    Love, love, love xxx

  7. You definitely deserve every bit of success that “Charlie May” has seen and I’m sure there are even grater things coming :)
    Thanks for the giveaway, lady!!

  8. I have been looking to purchase a black one for a while, but haven’t had the funds, the nude is even more perfect though! Congratulations on such a great label.


  9. Get me in on some of that action!
    Looks amazing.

  10. i love love love your work!
    mariapvmg@gmail.com and twitter i @eightyeight :))

  11. I absolutely love your collections, so owning one piece of yours would be incredible!

  12. petja.jarm@hotmail.com
    No comment needed.

  13. Ciao Charlie!
    Congratulations on the great work! :) Your new collection left me open-mouthed.
    I would also like to participate in this exciting giveaway! It’s so great that you want to pamper your readers this way.


  14. So much pretties. Divine accessories

  15. this is a beautiful range you have!

    1. @laurawhitticase

  16. I absolutely love your designs and would be ecstatic to win a bracelet.
    Fingers crossed.

  17. what an amazing bracelet!

  18. It’s amazing how far you’ve gotten! Congratulations, Charlie May Xxx

  19. I love it :)

  20. @luciekerley


  21. Absolutely love your latest collection x


  22. I’m crossing my fingers for this one!


  23. Love those bracelets!

  24. fills my heart with love to see a true ann-fan,
    saving up for my first charliemay-piece.
    love, keep up the sincerity in your work,
    bea, antwerp.


  25. @SnapdragonMode

  26. No need to pinch yourself, you deserved it all! I’m so glad you’re still writing the blog and I get to follow your work. Wishing you even better things for the future! – @moiminnie

  27. It’s been so exciting to see your brand progress! I can’t wait to see what you have in store for us next :)
    kate.neroni@hotmail.com X

  28. how fabulous is that! yes, i am in! I’m a fan, but you probably knew that already ;)! absolutelymrsk@hotmail.com

  29. I love my white cuff so much, and white and nude really are a perfect combination for spring :). Plus the new online shop is fantastic, I have just been having a browse!


  30. Thanks for your comment, lovely blog!

  31. love your blog, your style and your new collection!


  32. I adore your minimal looks of you up and coming fashion label! Congrats for all your hard work and building a strong following via your blog! Best wishes to you continued success!

    -Lauren at adorn la femme

  33. I love your blog, and your photos are always so gorgeous! Congratulations on all your successes!


  34. fingers crossed

  35. Will this be my first Charlie May piece? :)


  36. Wow! I hope I’m still in time! Thank you so much!

    Big hug from sunny Barcelona… ;)


  37. maryia@live.nl

    love your label!

  38. It’d be lovely to get it ^^

  39. Love Love Love xxx


  40. Such lovely sprngish bracelet/cuff! LOVe to wear it!

    porcukorborso at gmail dot com

    sparkly thanks*

  41. Yay! Love a good giveaway!
    My twitter is @lifeofshardette

    And of course, I’m already following you!

    x Sharday


  42. I discovered your blog recently and your outfits and collections are always so inspiring!!!

  43. beautiful giveaway!

  44. Twitter: @Briannaacst27
    Email: Briannaacst5@gmail.com

    I hope i win! :)

  45. Fitty fitty!!

  46. I need some Charlie May in my life, that nude leather skirt is amazing. Great collection xoxo

  47. You have inspired me so much with clothes and colour palettes. Really enjoy reading Girl a la mode! And have done for a while now! one day I WILL own one of your beautiful leather jackets! ONE DAY!!

    Katy x


  48. oooooo o oo o o o ooooo oooo goreous charlie may fodder x


  49. Always happy to follow someone recommended by Duck:)If he has one,then I know it has to be very special!Exclusive and particular in our tastes,so we don’t enter giveaways randomly,only for lovely special bits,and we only follow genuinely great people too!Regardless of comp,wishing you much luck,and many happy ventures.Ladybudd:)XXX

    1. :-D

  50. Reporting in


  51. I need it because I’m in love with your collection it would be such an honor to wear it!



  52. Simply beautiful! Hope to be a proud owner of this wonderful piece.
    Love, Joanna

  53. You always produce inspiring collections & beautiful timeless pieces.
    I would love to own a piece of ‘Charlie May’ (it has certainly influenced my wardrobe!)

    – here are some of my earlier blogposts about Charlie May (if you are interested?)






  54. <3 <3 <3

  55. I´d love to win :)

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