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Feeling very black and white these days, it goes from full looks to pitter-patters of this and that, but monochrome is my jam, that’s for sure. It’s been a long time since I thought wearing a halter top in public was acceptable (too many childhood memories of the nineties and times when I was skinny enough to pull one off) but this perfect nappa leather version from Eight Slate has won me over. The shape is actually super flattering! So I don’t know what I was thinking.. Also questioning how acceptable it is to be reposting outfits appearing on gram? I don’t want this blog to become a barren wasteland ahead of fashion month, if that hasn’t happened already.

The new collection is coming along nicely by the way and I’m super busy if you couldn’t tell – which is always fun! Gearing up for a month of travel as I include Milan into the schedule this season for the first time. You guys will have to hit me up on great places to see and eat whilst I’m there!

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Wearing: Claudia Ligari bomber, Wishbone Gracie shirt and Lauren skirt, Chloe sandals, Saint Laurent bag, Céline sunglasses,
Necklace from Natasha Sherling, watch by Larsson & Jennings.

Last week I stumbled upon the Wishbone pop up store on Brompton road; chic, modern, understated classics filled the store and obviously I couldn’t leave without picking up my go-to choice of white silk and black leather. I’m loving the silhouette of longer skirts at the moment, and as Shini pointed out the shirt being longer at the back elongates my body even more too.

Also, I hear you say – Is that another pair of sunglasses!? Call me a sunglasses fiend but I picked up my second pair for the summer, obsessed with the sheer sides and cat eye frames. I’ve had my eye on these for a while. What can I say Céline, you get me. 

Photos by Shini, in collaboration wish Wishbone


Exploring inside the Barbican at the start of the bank holiday weekend; hoping for it to be sunny enough outside to wear this perfect Beth Richards Faye top. After being thwarted by cold wind and patches of rain we found this; a deserted Atrium. Kind of insane, and the perfect tropical get away right in the heart of London!

I’m now the guilty owner of this Faye top in black AND white (Ibiza anyone?). It’s just tooo good.. and for someone who’s not usually the most comfortable in a bikini, this is the first one I’ve owned that I truly love. Thanks Beth! Us young designers stick together, you know ;)

Photos by Shini




The second part in the series with Harvey Nichols for 0’2nd; it’s rare that I adorn a playsuit, especially as I’m a separates girl through and through, but I loved the minimal detailing in these scarcely seen box pleats. This weekend’s been beautifully hot in London, it’s time for legs to come out again and to flood to any available grassy patch or terrace, if you’re in the city that is. I envy everyone in the countryside when it’s this beautiful out!

The full SS14 collection is now live on our website; I’m obsessed with bomber jackets right now, and apart from my own, this white mesh one from Claudia always comes out when the weather’s nice, but I also saw this Stella McCartney dream is finally up for grabs on Yoox. Such an easy to wear piece, officially obsessed.

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Wearing: Claudia Ligari bomber, Stills shirt, BLK DNM skirt, Stella McCartney shoes, Alexander Wang tote, Larsson & Jennings watch.

Finding ways to wear this very summery mesh bomber in the depths of winter, including over a jumper and under a coat; both stripped off here to save another all black ensemble. I’m very much over the wet London weather, but rather this than the snow storm that our Scandi fashion week friends are having. It also comes in handy when designing next years Autumn/Winter collections. Expect chunky knitwear and outerwear galore for fashion week!

PS – most likely looking smug in the first photo from finishing a hefty brunch at Hackney Bureau, still on my mind even now. Best coffee ever too! Speaking of healthier brunch options, earlier this week was the official launch of We Are Lovage at Shoreditch’s Ace hotel. Raw Vegan juices that are insanely good! 

Photos by Jessie


Wearing: Claudia Ligari tee, Zara skirt, Céline shoes, Givenchy bag.

Sometimes a photo perfectly captures a mood or a feeling; going through my mountains of holiday photos from last week (I’ve currently whittled it down to a select 100..) this one stood out as a perfect memory. I’ve been getting back on track with a mountain of work and orders (thank you!) this week, whilst my brain is still in Malta mode. I’ve officially got the travel bug and whilst autumn is my favourite season here, and knits and leathers have me feeling much more in my element than say, a bikini; I can’t help but think about when my next adventure might be and if it involves more hot weather, rooftop pools and turquoise stretching coastlines.

I moved my sample sale online this week so make sure you check it out for SS13 up to 80% off!

Photos by Louisa


I think I need to get in touch with the North Devon tourist board, as I could spend all day exploring the vast coastline it has to offer, and no matter how long I spend down here, I never have enough time to see it all. So much beauty that I didn’t really think about growing up here, as I really didn’t know any different. I spent a lot of time on this beach; roaming across the miles and miles of sand dunes; swimming in the sea that’s always too cold – even in the height of summer! So I’m glad I can share it with you, during the golden hour; a little slice of home that inspires me and my work constantly.

After falling for Claudia Ligari’s mesh bomber jacket this summer I’m pleased to add a new piece to the collection; a classic tee that’s half silk, half sports mesh. Perfect with my Kirstie Maclaren Neave cuff that I don’t think I wear enough, going back to those minimal gold pieces that my magpie eyes are drawn to. Wearing a heavy wool coat that was pinched last minute from the boy, sometimes oversized menswear is too good not to.


Wearing: Claudia Ligari bomber, Sandro top, Zara trousers, Céline shoes, Backstage ID chain.

We’ve all been obsessing over the Stella McCartney pinstripe, adding key pieces from the collection into our fantasy shopping baskets and wishing we could just hit the ORDER button. Oh you haven’t? Well I seem to be doing that quite a lot lately! Especially this stripe knit that I am head over heels in love with. These Zara pants have me satisfied for now, they are the perfect balance of chic, comfortable and can be worn with loose jumpers and ugly sandals and still look good.

These photos were taken during the golden hour of a very long Sunday afternoon last week, spent working on the new site with Shini (I owe all the beautiful aesthetics of the site down to her). Also many hours spent watching cult nineties/noughties movies, whilst stuffing Haribo into our mouths. So happy with the website and thank you to those of you who have already put through an order. Don’t forget to enter the competition in the post below to own a piece of AW13 if you haven’t already, choosing a winner on Wednesday! 

Photos by Shini


Wearing: Claudia Ligari bomber jacket, Alexander Wang dress and clutch, Chloe sandals, Céline sunglasses, cuff from Backstage.

Another post form the beautiful Ibiza; dressing up to go to the Blue Marlin on our final evening on the island. Michael and I found a beautiful secluded dirt track running alongside the venue and leading down to the beach. Cars were driving fast along the road in the distance, blowing dust into the background to give an even more mystical illusion. 

Photos by Michael


Wearing: Claudia Ligari bomber jacket, Sandro top, Hudson Jeans, Céline shoes, Alexander Wang bag, Moxham cuff and Acne sunnies

Slowly getting more and more sporty on my casual days off, or when I need to run around London in a hurry, like before I head to Ibiza tonight! I feel like I want to lock away the black for the trip although I suppose a little H&M mesh still counts as part of a healthy summer wardrobe. I’m still so in love with this bomber jacket and finding a million ways to wear it. When seeing the Stella version that I wanted for so long (now on sale!), I was surprised at how similar the fabrics were, and now I’ve seen that Claudia Ligari does one in black too. well, it’s only down hill from here!

I’ve decided to leave my laptop behind on this trip, so there won’t be another post up for a couple of days; just make sure you follow me on instagram for the Ibiza live, and in full technicolour! 

Photos by Shini

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