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The House of Worth was the leading house of couture in the 1800’s.
This season they have presented a stunning collection of period type pieces, I’m not quite sure how or when they would be worn in the present day but they showcase a magnificent amount of work. The detail is stunning, the final outfit is my favourite, if you click on the larger picture you can see the detailing of the wool and wire.

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  1. Wow! These are gorgeous!
    I think they could look quite stunning worn on their own with a simple pair of heels. Maybe reproduced so they’re more comfortable and so that they move a bit more. Really inspiring! x

  2. The penultimate is my favourite. These are kind of mind-blowing!


  3. I wish I was creative enough to design my own clothes, but for now I go with this collection of women’s dresses

  4. wow… love them all.


  5. they’re so beautiful..people really used to wear clothes like that didn’t they? the amount of care and detailed work…i’ve always liked old looking things, even old fashioned architecture. I really do prefer it over the geometric square buildings we often get these days.

  6. Thats an amazing work, every detail, color and texture…just gorgeous.

    Great blog aswell, mwaah!


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