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Charlie May giveaway Bumble and bumble

WIN: A Charlie May ostrich leather tee, 2 x tickets the to Charlie May show at LFW+ Bumble & bumble products.

The new website is officially live! I’ve been threatening to do a huge giveaway for a while now, so here it is. I know it won’t disappoint! I’m so excited to have teamed up with hair giants, Bumble and bumble, to offer some pretty uhhmazing stuff. I always use their products for my shows and editorial shoots, so it made total sense to team up with them for my first giveaway for the new site, and with items I use on a daily basis.

There are two sets of prizes, first is the Charlie May ostrich leather tee with Bumble and bumble quenching shampoo and conditioner, thickening creme and surf spray (This is available worldwide!). And, the second is two tickets to see our catwalk show at London Fashion Week, 15th September! As well as Bumble and bumble Mending shampoo and conditioner, surf spray and texture creme (this is available to UK residents only who are in London for fashion week.) Unfortunately I cannot provide travel!

All you have to do is sign up to our newsletter and follow Girl a la Mode on BlogLovin’. Just leave a comment below to say which prizes you’re going for (you can vote for both!) Competition will close on Wednesday morning, along with the free worldwide shipping for the new site. I wish you all good luck!

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  1. Would love the ostrich leather tee! No I would love to own any of your pieces! One day I will own one of your leather jackets! One day!


    1. Great site, lovely collection! Since we can’ t send me to London, please send the fabulous tee to Canada. Along with B & B hair goodies. Best with LFW!

  2. I would be so happy to win either prize. I live in London and would love to attend the show but I’d also love to have the leather t-shirt!


  3. I’d love to win the first prize! The tee is amazing, in fact the whole collection is outstanding, well done Charlie x

  4. I would love the tee! (As attending a wedding making your show un-attendable – however that would have been amazing!)

    Your garments are beautiful and you have done so well – well done!


  5. Signed up for the newsletter and followed on Bloglovin!
    I would love to win either prize!

  6. I’ve wanted that leather tee for so long!! Already follow you on bloglovin and just signed up for the newsletter. Congrats on the site, Charlie!

    1. Since I live in Norway, I’m entering for the tee :)

  7. Want! x

  8. Thanks so much for the giveaway. The top and Bumble&bumble products would be such a treat. Ostrich leather is a beautiful fabric and it makes such a stunning top! Hoping to see the show at LFW as well of course though.


  9. Hi, so exciting that your website has launched. I have signed up and am following you on bloglovin! Voting for both prizes, would be amazing to win either! x

  10. I would die for have this leather tee… and the products too!

  11. YES, THE TEE <3
    Please, enter me!

  12. I want them both! Sick, sick!

  13. I want them both! Sick!

  14. I love the tee and the bumble and bumble products!! Love your style and please enter me!!!

  15. As I’m in Scotland, I’m voting for the tee. The new website looks fantastic – congrats!

  16. Hi Charlie its Benerice! (I did a days trial with you last month for the intenship). Id like to enter for the LFW tickets!!! Id love to go and watch your show!

  17. Ah! I would love those tickets to actually come see your show Charlie. I’m so happy to see you get your website up and running. Congratulations and all the best for fashion week!

    Daniel William xxx

  18. I’d love to win any of those magnificent prizes! The tee is outstanding as well as the other pieces in your collection, and I’m sure the show will be fantastic!

  19. Congratulations on your website, it looks great!

    I would love to win the first prize as that tee is my favorite item of your collection.


  20. Sooper dooper collection and website! Voting for either prize- both ridonkulously good!

  21. Hi, Charlie.
    As much as I wish of flying over to London to watch your show, I have massive exams for school :(
    I’m from Sydney, Australia therefore I’m entering for the tee. I actually dropped my jaw when I saw it! It’s everything I love in fashion. It’s a minimalist artwork. I love the emphasis of simplicity in the details of the holes. Ugghh.. I’m inlove!

    -Rebecca x

  22. p.s it’s Rebequitaalonzo from instagram :)

  23. The tee is absolutely TDF but I’d be so worried about wrecking it that I’m going for the tickets + hair products :) I’ve loved all the Charlie May collections I’ve seen so far, so it would be hugely exciting to witness the next one in person!!

  24. Best giveaway ever. I would love to win either prize, although I do love your tees, whether in velvet or leather! It’s so exciting to see your e-commerce site up and running – I can’t get over how gorgeous the collaboration with Danielle Foster is (I may have lost my lunch hour to browsing). Good luck for fashion week!

    1. Gah, just realised I’m not in London on the 15th :(. So I’m entering for the tee! x

  25. Done and done! I would love the ostrich leather tee !! Thanks

    – Kristine B

  26. Done and done! I would love the ostrich leather tee !! Thanks

    – Kristine B

  27. Oh my goodness, so in love with that tee. I would like that please :)



  28. Would absolutely cherish either prize. I’ve already got an idea in my head of the outfit I’d wear with that ostrich tee… Here’s hoping :D

    Following on bloglovin and signed up to newsletters, and keeping everything crossed!

    Laurie x

  29. Both Pretty Pretty Please!!! Love your label x

  30. Would kill for the tee!!


  31. Would love the Charlie May ostrich leather tee bundle! Thank you so much and I love your designs!

  32. The new collection lookbook is amazing!!Those beautiful shapes of the clothes!!especially the dresses..and at same time the colors!I would be so happy to win the leather tee!What a great giveaway!

  33. Firstly, congrats on the launch. Your website and entire collection look great :)

    I have followed you on bloglovin’ and signed up for the newsletter.

    I would LOVE to win the amazing leather tee and hair products x

  34. Always been following you Charlie, and so proud to see you doing SO well :) OMG the ostrich leather tee is too UHHmazing! Obviously who wouldn’t want that. I can already hear Ivania screaming for it hahaaa.

    Best of luck to LFW and hope to see you around dear. XX

  35. Congratulations Charlie! I’ve been going back and spying on the Oxblood leather pencil skirt since the site launched and I’m sure it will land in my basket somehow!

  36. I’d love to win both prizes from this giveaway! I love your work so it would be fantastic to win your ostrich tee and tickets to see you at LFW!
    I’m following you on Bloglovin and all signed up to your newsletter, so fingers crossed!

  37. Hello Charlie,

    I’m already following you on bloglovin and just signed up to the newsletter.

    Would absolutely love to win the ostrich tee – it is so perfect!

  38. already follow you on bloglovin and signed up for the newsletter, your new collection is stunning! its popping up all over the place. I’d like to go in for the ostrich leather tee xx

  39. Would have to be the first prize… Love to top and can’t get enough of the Bumble & Bumble thickening hair spray!! It’s a hair care must!

  40. i already follow you on bloglovin and signed up for your newsletter, your new collection is magnificent – it is popping up all over the place! congrats

    i’m going in for the leather ostrich tee x

  41. i would love to see your show, but i don’t live in the UK, so the leather tee!! <3

  42. As much as I’d love to go down to see LFW, I can’t afford any more days off work! I would love the first prize set with the Ostrich tee! I love it, and have always wanted to try Bumble & Bumble :) Especially the thickening creme, as I have fine hair!


  43. I am interested in both prizes! I would love to attend your fashion show, I’m also in love with the leather tee. Your website is fantastic, well done! X

  44. Such a generous giveaway! The tee is stunning – a buy now wear forever type – but the show would be an amazing experience – ah, can’t decide so I’d like to enter both please :). Congrats on the new site and best of luck for fashion week.

    Love Em x

  45. i’d love to win that tee, pretty please! it’s beautiful! :) good luck/congrats on lfw!

  46. As much as I’d love to come down to LFW, I can’t afford any more time off work! I’d love to win the first set of prizes with the Ostrich tee which is gorgeous! I love it! I’ve never tried Bumble & Bumble but would particularly like to try their thickening creme, as I have very fine hair!

    Following via Bloglovin and signed up for the newsletter :)


  47. Both prizes please! I will be around London for LFW too :)

    Well done for the launch of your website too, it’s brilliant!

    Charlotte x

  48. That tee was my favorite from the website! Obviously I’ve already subscribed and followed ions ago,

    x Camilla


  49. this would be THE TEE for me :)
    and the Bumbles, oh, my dry curly hair is craving for professional care..

    kudos for the great style and ephemeral yet very feminine designs, dear Charlie.

  50. hi charlie!

    longtime friend and follower, so proud to see your line taking off, and your blog is elegant and well written as always! i’d love to enter for the tee and b&b products as i’m still living stateside at the moment. but i may be moving to the uk soon, so maybe i can wrangle a cheeky invite to the show next year! ;) regardless, good luck in these next few weeks, and can’t wait to see the new collection.

    love from clearwater, fl! xx



  51. The tee please!! :D

  52. This is so perfect, moving back to London on Sept. 9 so I’d like to opt for both prizes!!! I just discovered your blog today and the first new post is this wonderful giveaway! You’d almost think I only started following you for this reason, but I can assure you it’s not. Looking forward to all other great stuff to come.
    x Nikki

  53. i would love the leather tee prize! i dont live in england :( the collection looks so beautiful ! Em xx

  54. Congrats on the new site, looks so beautiful.

    Entering for the t-shirttttttttttt!! Gaaaaah!!


  55. Definitely couldn’t pass up on the opportunity of potentially owning that t-shirt! It’s so beautiful. I’ve been following you on Bloglovin’ for ages, but I just signed up to your newsletter.

    Congratulations on your new site, too! It’s lovely :)



  56. I’ve signed up for the newsletter and following you on bloglovin’ would absolutely love to win the tee! Love your site, such a fresh feel and everything looks beautiful xxxx

  57. I’ve signed up for the newsletter, and I’m following you on BlogLovin’. The Charlie May ostrich leather tee is amazing!

  58. Hi Charlie, thank you for a great giveaway! I signed up for your newsletter the other day, and I just followed you on Bloglovin’. I don’t live in London so I’m going for the t-shirt. Thank you!

  59. Wow!! Exciting!! I vote for the Ostrich tee and the hair products… *-* I’d love to attend the show, but I’m living in Barcelona at the moment. Thank you and best of luck everyone! ;)

  60. This is amazing! I’m in love with everything you make, so I’m gunning for the ostrich tee (size S or M) and the bumble & bumble products!
    To me, Charlie May is:

    à La mode

    Keep up the good work!

    1. —> C-H-A-R-L-I-E :)

  61. I’d love to win the Charlie May ostrich leather tee with Bumble and bumble quenching shampoo and conditioner, thickening creme and surf spray! :)

  62. Hi Charlie! i;d love to win the first prize! ostrich shirt is soooo amazing!
    im so happy ab the contest! cheers!

  63. I just signed up for the newsletter and I already follow you on Bloglovin. I’d absolutely love to win that amazing tee. It’s such an incredible piece babe! :)


  64. Ooooo. I’m signed up for your newsletter and am already following you on everything imaginable (including Bloglovin). I’d love to win the top! Great giveaweay! Can’t wait to see the show in a couple of weeks! Wahooo!! xx

  65. I would love to receive Charlie May ostrich leather tee, besides the whole collection is stunning!

    Fingers crossed for your brand new venture!
    Greetings from Poland:)

  66. Crossing my fingers and toes and hopes I will get the opportunity to wear one of your designs! xa

  67. Adore the new collection, everything is stunning – I want it all!
    Winning either prize would be amazing but I would absolutely love win tickets to attend the show as I would take my friend Tamsin (http://tamsindaisy.tumblr.com/) who told me about your blog in the first place!
    Thank you x

  68. I’d love to win the Ostrich leather tee – it’s an absolute stunner :)

    A big fan of your work and looking forward to see your new collection. Would love to attend the show but unfortunately unavailable on the 15th. Best of luck with LFW xo

  69. Would love to win either! Thanks for the giveaway

  70. Congrats! New website looks fab. Entering for both pleaseee


  71. I’d love to win the Ostrich leather tee, an amazing piece really (and the Bumble& Bumble products of course!).

    thank you
    best of luck

  72. The Ostrich Tee!!! It looks amazing!!!

  73. I’d love the ostrich tee and accompanying Bumble products! Honestly, if I was in the UK I’d love to see your show! Congratulations on all your success xoxo


    I want to win the leather tee!!! (fingers crossed)

    I lvoe your clothes Charlie but its far too expensive for my budget, this would be the first thing I ever win in my life haha.

    Love your edgy style

    Wish you the best XX


  75. Hello!
    Love the new look- i’ve entered, can i be put up for both prizes please? Either sounds fabulous.
    Thanks!! xxx

  76. First prize would be amazing.

  77. oooh love the new collection! and I would love to own that tee! :)


  78. Would be honoured to win your ostrich leather tee. Have followed your blog for ages, and am so glad the shop is here at last! Congrats! x

  79. Great giveaway! Would love to win either prize, but as I live in London, I’d really prefer the second prize – it would be an absolute dream to attend a London Fashion Week catwalk, especially the show of a brand I really like :)
    Congrats on the new website x

  80. You’re collection is the epitome of A/W. The colours, cuts and fabrics belong in anyones wardrobe!
    With this said, I have done as required and would LOVE to be in the running for the Ostrich tee and hair products.

    Sincere congratulations on the launch. Really excited to see what you do next.

    Jenna xx

  81. Your clothes are gorgeous, and I’m dreaming of the day that I can afford to purchase them! Unfortunately, I’m living on a student budget for now. I live in the US, so I’d love to win the first prize package!

  82. I love your designs! The Charlie May ostrich leather tee is fav. xxx UNL

  83. I’ve always loved your designs, you really understand what it means to subtract all unnecessary details, yet retain elegance. Unfortunately I just started school and can’t get to London, but I would love to win your ostrich leather shirt!

  84. OMG this is like the best give away ever! I just recently discovered bumble & bumble because i wanted to change my hair completely! so sick of blowdrying my hair and i wanted it to dry naturally! secondly, i have a natural curl, but it gets a little bit frizzy! so people said: bumble & bumble is the answer and it is! hooked on their products. anyway, huge huge fan of you because of your multiple talents. the tee is just too stunning because it is both casual but also very very trendy, sleek, modern, minimalistic and so different because of the texture! I would go for the second price (I do not live in Londen but I can be there in like 2hours from belgium). I am not a uk residence, so I go for the first one!

  85. Great give away! I love your new collection a lot and would be honored to wear the ostrich tee!! I follow you on bloglovin and I receive your newsletter (joyce_croonen@hotmail.com / joycecroonen on bloglovin).
    Good luck with everything that you are planning to do in the future!

  86. The ostrich t-shirt.
    Heads down!

  87. The ostrich t-shirt.
    Heads down!

  88. The ostrich t-shirt.
    Heads down!

  89. The ostrich t-shirt.
    Heads down!

  90. i wuntz de ostrich please omg.

  91. Hi!
    Hope to win the ostrich tee I’ve been dreaming about for so long!

  92. I would love the tee and the Bumble and Bumble products.
    I canny go to the show, I’m adopting a dog and don’t want to leave him, a strange but valid reason for not voting for the ticket.
    I’ll send a pic of the dog wearing the t-shirt though xx

  93. I would love the t.shirt and the bumble and bumble products. such a beautiful t.shirt. x

  94. I love the ostrich leather tee, it is beautiful!
    Unfortunately it may be hard for me to get to London on that date! But I would really appreciate the tee!
    Thank you for the opportunity!

    And.. Congratulations on your new website it looks amazing!!

    emzgalz xxx

  95. Minimalism at it’s best.
    Either giveaway would make my day :)

  96. Beautiful collection, and would definitely hope to win the ostrich T!

  97. Thank you so much for hosting this amazing giving away and creating such beautiful clothing. I would love your leather tee shirt and the hair products. I would be beyond worlds to attend your show but I haven’t made the move to London quite yet.

    Best love.

  98. Congratulations on the new site. Brilliant!

    I would love to enter to win the ostrich leather tee. Crossing all my fingers and toes for this one!

  99. Love your work, you are so cool!
    I would love to win the beautiful leather tee and Bumble and bumble products.

    Alma XX

  100. Site is beautiful!

    Wish I could be in London for LFW, but would love to win the Tee!

  101. Congratulations on the new site! Love the top, and would absolutely love to see your show so I’m applying for both competitions! X

  102. I would love to win the tee and the Bumble and Bumble products. Thanks for such an amazing giveaway, Charlie.:)

  103. Hi! Congrats on the site! I love it! I would love to win the 2 tickets to London Fashion Week please!!!

  104. This is a brilliant give away! Good work on the new site too, I’ve love to enter:-)
    I’ve also just nominated you for the Versatile Blogger award:http://clairefelicityyoung.wordpress.com/2013/08/31/versatile-blogger-award/, enjoy:-)

  105. Since I cannot go to London, I vote for the first prize!

  106. i’m in the USA.
    would LOOOVE to win that beautiful white leather top <3
    thank you so much

  107. i live in the USA.
    so i would love to win your white leather top.
    it’s beautiful.
    thank you so much <3

  108. LOVE LOVE LOVE the ostrich leather tee! fingers crossed! Would go perfectly with my Moxhan Xeno necklace xxx

  109. I’d love to win the Bumble & Bumble hair care products so that I can have beach hair all year around.

  110. I love the Ostrich leather tee!! OMG~ I’m so excited ♥
    I would also love to see the fashion show, but sadly I have school!

  111. I would love to own a Charlie May ostrich tee. I promise to make you proud with that garment upon my shoulders.It would be so effortless with white trousers and white heels. Preaching minimalism, baybaaaay!

  112. Congrats on your new site! I would love to win the leather tee, it is very beautiful! Thank you!

  113. You are proof that girls with a healthy body weight can wear white and leather and look amazing. I love your blog because I feel I can take real inspiration from what you wear – you help prove that style has nothing to do with weighing less than 45kg. I have similar legs to you – muscular and shapely, and to be honest, I believed it when magazines told me to avoid ankle straps, but you have become the new authority on the shoe front. You show of your legs and look amazing. I run a lot and used to think my legs were a bit masculine because they’re strong looking, but now I show them off, partly thanks to you.

    I would love to follow in your footsteps and try the white leather look. It’s thanks to you that I can convince myself that I could pull it off and that, in fact, most of us can, all that’s needed is the right attitude, not a specific body shape.

  114. I’d love to win that ostrich tee and those hair products!

  115. I absolutely adore the ostrich leather tee to death.

  116. I absolutely love the ostrich leather tee. & congrats on the new site (:

  117. Signed up and followed!
    The ostrich leather tee is perfect, and to see the whole collection would be amazing! I would be ecstatic with either :D

  118. Would love the Ostrich tee bundle! Thank you so much! Your blog is such an inspiration :)

  119. Since I’m from Australia I’m going to have to (unfortunately) say I can only go for the tee bundle! But hell I am more than happy to win that alone!
    Congratulations on the website, it looks great, subscribed to the newsletter now too ;)
    x Kate

  120. all signed up and followed and a pleasure to be – the collection is absolutely stunning. I would love to be in the mix for the gorgeous leather tee and b&b hair bits.

    rache x

  121. Couldn’t resist this! Won’t be able to be in London for fashion week, but i’ll gladly put my hands on one (or more) of your designs! Such an inspiring and beautiful collection. May i express my complete admiration for red suit? Simply amazing! Thank you for all and good luck with everything!

  122. Hi, I would be happy and honoured to win either of those amazing prizes! Thank you.

  123. the leather top is made for me and will be cherished a lifetime!
    such a good giveaway, honey!

  124. Signed up & following on bloglovin’ (rainesmom, aka Kim Pincombe Cole)…
    As I’m following from the US, prize pack #1 (insane Charlie May ostrich leather tee w/ Bumble and bumble products) is for me!! Will be looking for the LFW show on livestream :)

  125. oh, you know how much I’d LOVE to go to your show, but since London is just a bit too far right now, I’d love the Ostrich tee just as much!! This really is a huge giveaway! No matter who gets it, I know it’ll be much appreciated :)

  126. oh, and, btw, the new site looks uhhmazing!!

  127. I’d love to win the first prize. The tee is perfect and I I’ve heard a lot of good about those hair products.

  128. First prize pleaaaaase! <3

  129. I would definitely love to win the first prize set!
    The set would be a very nice way to welcome the upcoming colder days while looking and feeling chic.


  130. I’d love to win that ostrich tee and those hair products!

  131. Either would be heaven. By any chance do you have a tumblr? Thanks.

  132. I wish i could enter for the tickets but I live in Australia so I’ll enter for the leather tee (had my eyes on that for awhile!) and bumble and bumble products.

  133. I would love to own this amazing tee and also thinking about reaching the London catwalk to see your collection is amazing. I’m playing for both then ;) thank you Charlie!

  134. I’m going for The top ! x

  135. hey charlie! since i already follow you on bloglovin and have subscribed to your newsletter, the only thing left for me to do say that id looove to win the internacional giveaway with that beautiful ostrich top and the bumble and bumble products. wish i could go to your show anyway, sad to not be living in london right now!

  136. Amazing! I would be happy with either prize as both are a dream.

    Congratulations on the new site, hoping nobody gets their mitts on the biker jacket before I get my next paycheck!


  137. Finally the collection is here! I’ve been eyeing it for a while now & would love to win the ostrich jumper and bumble & bumble products. I already subscribe to your news letter and follow you on bloglovin duh!! Loool, love you xo

  138. Oops hope i’m not too late! I’m going for the shirt!! X

  139. Entering for the gorgeous ostrich tee and Bumble and Bumble products, please!

  140. I would love to win either prize! Love the top xx

  141. Wow! Amazing giveaway!! I’m obsessed with the top!! I would love to go for both prices but I will be on The Dominican Republic in 2 weeks! Really love your style! You’re such an inspiration! xx

  142. Oh! Both! Either! Everything!

    Beautiful new site. Beautiful new collection too!

  143. I would be outlandishly happy to win either prize!! I already subcribe and follow x

  144. I want 2 x tickets the to Charlie May show at LFW+ Bumble & bumble products!!

  145. following you on bloglovin and have also signed up to your newsletter!
    I hope to win Charlie May ostrich leather tee with Bumble and bumble quenching shampoo and conditioner, thickening creme and surf spray. eee
    *fingers crossed*

  146. Dying to win the gorgeous ostrich tee + B&B products!

  147. Dying to win the gorgeous ostrich tee & the B+B products! xx

  148. The ostrich tee is beautiful!!! Would love this!! Glad I will be kept up to date now through your blog and newsletter~~~

  149. OMG OMG OMG I HOPE I’M NOT TOO LATE?1?!?!? I NEED DAT TOP!!!!!!!! <3

    xxx h

  150. Would absolutely love to win the ostrich lesther tee!! It looks so clean and minimal :)

  151. I hope i’m not too late on this!!
    I would love to win the ostrich leather tee :)

  152. Congratulations on the new website, it represents your collections perfectly. As I wouldn’t be able to make it to London, I’d love to be in with a chance to win your beautifully textured ostrich leather tee! Ps, just ordering fabric supplies to try out your DIY on the Park & Cube blog!
    Helena x

  153. I would love to come see you at fashion week. The ostrich tee is to die for.

  154. Ostrich t shirt please

  155. Ostrich leather tee please! love your SS13 collection!

  156. Would love the ostrich leather tee! Love your SS13 collection!!!

  157. Would adore either prize! I am attending one show at lfw (amazing luck?!) so the tickets would be perfect, but that top is gorgeous! And I would certainly do a blog piece if I won either!
    Thank you x

  158. The ostrich leather tee! And everything else you design (: :D

  159. Love the new site! And I’d give my right arm to win either of those prizes…

  160. i´m in love with the ostrich leather tee. i would be so happy if you could send this one to me, since the tickets are not an option for me :) would be an a-maz-ing gift since i´m in love with your work right up from the start.
    love and hope,

  161. The leather tee would be my first and only piece! :)

    Congratulations with the debut and good luck on the show!!

  162. I hope I’m not late either. I’m really digging the ostrich leather tee. I don’t have a BlogLovin’ account but I followed your blog via Feedly.

    Congrats on the launch!!

  163. What an amazing prize!!!!! The white leather tee is divine!!!! But……. I think I’d really love to watch the show! Fashion shows are so fun to attend, and I’ve just got an awesome new camera, so I’d love to win tickets and blog about it myself! X

  164. The ostrich leather tee please :)
    I hope that it’s not to late :)


  165. Ostrich Leather Tee and Bumble & Bumble products please!

  166. The ostrich tee please!

  167. Hi! I am entering to win the Charlie May ostrich leather tee with Bumble and Bumble products! :) This is such an exciting giveaway!!

  168. I’d love to win the tee. I am moving to London, from Denmark, but not quick enough to be able to go to your show – but owning probably-the-coolest-tee-ever + having great hair would be huge, and maybe help charm my co-students, who knows. I know I’d be interested to know someone wearing a white leather tee!

  169. The collection is wonderful! It is so refreshing to see your hard work and dedication pay off, and dreams coming true. You give hope to myself, and many aspiring designers!

    I would love to win the ostrich leather tee and hair products!

  170. I would love to have the t-shirt. it’s gorgeous!

  171. I would die to see your show but living in Canada has its downsides, I now know :( That ostrich leather tee is gorgeous, though, I would wear it everyday!

  172. I would love that ostrich leather tee!!! Perfection, it is..

  173. That ostrich leather tee is absolutely brilliant! Pure bliss i say..

  174. I would love the leather t-shirt.. what a great design!

  175. I am such a huge Bumble & Bumble fan. Cannot live without their grooming crème, among other things. I have already thought of so many outfits I could put together with the ostrich leather tee. If I don’t win it, I’m buying it!

  176. Voting for the tee + Bumble prize package. Fingers crossed!

  177. I am totally going for the ostrich leather tee + Bumble & Bumble products!

  178. that ostrich leather tee is gorgeous! my vote is cast for the tee and the Bumble prize pack :)

  179. You are a minimal dream!
    Voting for the Ostrich Leather Tee. Would love that top be friends with my wardrobe.

  180. I am going for all the prizes but would settle for just the Ostrich Leather Tee and Bumble & Bumble hair products PLEASE!

  181. The Ostrich leather tee is absolutely beautiful! Would love to be able to wear it, it’s totally stunning! (that is my vote!!) x

  182. Oh my word, please pick me. Ostrich Leather Tee, and Bumble & Bumble would be such a great pick-me-up for Autumn!

  183. Please the Ostrich & Bumbles! Sounds perfect. (Not sure if my first comment posted properly!)

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