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My favourite shoes. Even more so now the sun is shining and I can wear them without tights.
Shoes by Ann Demelemeester

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  1. Love them! I can’t wait for some sun in holland!

  2. Those would be my faves too, can’t wait to wear white in the sun!!

  3. oh sweetie, they are beautiful! What is the brand? I simply adore the color! So glad I stumbled across you, can’t wait to see more!

    Love Despite color

  4. these are yours? they’re very nice!

  5. very cute!

    lovely blog – following =)



  6. Those shoes are gorgeous! I love Ann Demelemeester.

  7. oh prettypreettty pretttttyyyy. Love all the buckles and general fantasticness.

  8. this are stunning!! xx

  9. yummmy!

  10. love them! :D

  11. Gorgeous strappy boots! Ann D really knows how to add edge and style to any outfit.


  12. At first I thought they were Maison Martin M then…

  13. love it !

  14. they’re getting better and better. the colour makes me wish i had bought white ann ds, too when i had the chance. and the leather – so soft!

  15. Love your blog !

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