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Whats keeping me warm this winter

Walking past this ridiculously large ad in the window of United Colours of Benetton today made me feel so warm and snug, even in the icey cold blast that was coming at me down the high street. Besides the fact that I love this picture, (it’s so cute and colourful!), it got me thinking, I have always disliked knitwear. I always found it grannyish and not chic enough, but it sure takes a cold winter to change your mind! I absolutely love it now, can’t get enough of it, want to layer up ten jumpers and cardigans at once!

Swedish designer Sandra Backlund’s collection from 2007

Rai Thomas, Winner of the Pringle of Scotland Visionary Knitwear Award
(and I said knitwear couldn’t be chic!)

and more obvious designers to look at, D&G and Giles Deacon

Aren’t they all the cutest? I just want to wrap up now! It feels so good embracing winter.

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  1. i love your blogs!

  2. I never shop at UCOB but I always love their adverts, I think I should start going in there more.

  3. I didn’t used to be a big knitwear fan either, but now there is nothing more satisfying than a chunky scarf or sweater!

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