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Wardrobe Shopping

Antwerp Shopping!

Ok so here is the rest of that Antwerp post but focusing on my bought items

A.F Vandevorst silk crepe ruffle top, Also bought at Labels Inc. at Aalmoezenierstraat.

I think it’s always important to have a good over sized stripey top, and I am so in love with this one! Its perfect!

Crazy little beach dress, my boobs are far too small for this! I’m thinking Madonna esque summer wear haha!

Blue suede teddy boy shoes!

Oversized brown blazer that I don’t think I have taken off since buying, It had an insane amount of pockets! 4 big on the inside and 3 on the outside! Perfect for travelling and hoarding around crap, which I love to do.

Black skirt that reminds me of Comme des Garcons

Gorgeous lacey slip that looks super cute under my black crepe Isabel Marant dress, all the ruffly bits poking out.

Everything above apart from the A.F top was bought at a vintage sale at T2: THINK TWICE for only 3eur!
Insane! It wasn’t crappy vintage either, all the items have been handpicked and the profit goes to charity, this ensures that your not getting ripped off! I guess it’s Antwerp’s version of charity shops.
(There are two Think Twices, one can be located on Lange Klarenstraat 21 just off the main shopping street, and the other smaller cuter one was Sint Jacobsmarkt 86)

Episode was also a great vintage shop, the only trouble is that after you find TWO shops that sell everything for a couple of euro’s, you really don’t want to be paying more.

My favourite Ann Demeulemee jacket! The detailing on it is amazing!

You can totally tell that I have been living out of a suitcase for the last week, this jacket is usually pristine but unfortunately I have no where to hang my clothes here, so it all lives folded away :(

Also some recent purchases from Topshop. Really loving their new line.
Got this cute cropped top for working in the summer, good air flow. Haha

Isn’t this top cute! Because it’s so heavy in beads it hangs perfectly

American Apparel Lady Gaga inspired swimsuit. Rock and Roll!

I also bought some more eel leggings, high waisted this time, as my other had gone missing. Of course they turned out to be at my friends house, apparently I had given my own leggings to her when wasted thinking they were hers…crazy.

London is fantastic, I am loving it! I have seen Graham Norton walk his dogs past my balcony twice now, so surreal! I keep wanting to shout “Hi Graham!” but I refuse to turn into one of those types of people…
I had my interview for Louise Goldin yesterday and it went well. I have a trial day starting on Tuesday. Fingers Crossed!

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  1. Blimey, your wardrobe’s done well! Love the cute sundress and the brogues!

  2. That beaded top is so gorgeous!

  3. I love love love the beaded top, and the blue suede shoes! Nice blog, btw:)Good luck in London.


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