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Vintage with East of Eden

Last Saturday I was invited on a little Vintage shopping excursion with Emma, star of the Summer Glaceau Vitamin Water campaign; “show your vits”. Blog crew and Paul Valentine from Exposure PR met with Emma for brunch at the Nude cafe just off Brick Lane.
After much fun drinking tea, hearing all about Emma’s new Vintage shop ‘East of Eden’ and gabbing all the latest blog gossip, we headed over to Brick Lane to start hunting for treasures.

Isn’t she a beauty? All the ads feature real people (you may have seen these ads as you descend into the depths of the tube) and have been picked based on the brand personality. Emma is Miss Revive – “a party girl with a twinkle in her eye, she is often hitting the tiles in her 1940s get up, painting the town red – specifically east london, where she runs a club night!”
She is also a university lecturer, vintage shop queen AND afro-cuban choir singer! Wowzaaa what a star! Her vintage shop ‘East of Eden’ will be opening on Balls Pond Rd in Hackney, Ldn. I can’t wait!

I’m afraid this isn’t the best picture, but it does show the whole crew, and Emma’s insanely awesome outfit.
From left to right we have Amy from Wolf Whistle, Leigh from Style Canteen, Cyrenea from Freak Delux, Emma ‘East of Eden’, Charlotte from Style Cartel and Paul from Exposure PR.
Alexxsia from My Labyrinth was with me too!

I must say that Paul told us that he would be wearing a purple jumper and would be easy to spot, so we went right up to a guy in purple at the nude cafe and introduced ourselves, turned out not to be Paul. Cringe!
In Hanbury Hall Vintage Market where I bought a few treasures.

So wanted this emerald green velvet dress! It wouldn’t even slip past my hips, boo!
Totally awesome bag in the Brick Lane indoor market, the bag flap was two uncut raw pieces of leather, very Ann D!

Incredibly beautiful 1940’s pink crepe maxi, I wanted to try it on but I got my hand slapped just for touching it. Woops!
Anything that delicate isn’t for wearing.


We finished off at a shop selling Vintage by the Kilo round by the bus stop (Really don’t know my way around London yet!), it was pretty manic in there but I managed to pick out a nude skirt (was totally on the hunt after seeing a girl in a floor length nude skirt), brown leather lazer cut belt and few silk tops. All for £6!

The lace silk shirt was my favourite buy of all, the lace goes up the sleeves and down the back, a really rare find. I’ve always wanted a cute russian fur hat too!


My Topshop bag came today! I’m definately happy with my decision. It’s beautiful and brown suits me down to the ground.

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  1. The shoes and outfits are great!

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  3. Vitamin water has become a very sexual drink. The campaigning is sexual, and so are the descriptions on the water bottles. I gotta say, it works. It’s funny. It tastes good. I love vitamin water. Sex sells. :D

    I love all the pics. Vintage is a lot of fun!

    Mustart x

  4. Thank you for the mention! We, at Hanbury Hall Vintage Market, love hearing back from happy customers :)
    Like our Facebook page for future dates and more info http://www.facebook.com/pages/Hanbury-Hall-Vintage-Market/100285540064379 and keep spreading the word!

    Many thanks!
    May x

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