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Vilsbøl de Arce

Woven Armour – Autumn/Winter 09

Vilsbøl de Arce is a Danish design label founded by Prisca Vilsbøl and Pia de Arce in 2002, the same year they graduated from the Copenhagen Fashion & Design School.

Vilsbøl de Arce works within fashion, art and design, their projects range from avant-garde fashion design, interior decoration of Michelin-starred restaurants to conceptual uniforms and performance art costumes.
They are known for their amazing draping of fine, solid color knits and their extreme attention to detail. Each piece is perfected assuring functionality despite sometimes complex forms.
Here’s a snippet of the interview with the designers that I found here.

What do you want to express with your work?
Beauty, experimentation, freedom and quality.

What would you like to do to make the world a greener place?
Consume less but better.

One thing you could never live without, is:

I find the pieces in this collection, woven armour, amazing! They pack such a punch with some really unusual silhouettes, It all looks so soft and luxurious too.

I knew I had seen this dress somewhere else before, and of course, it was in this months Dazed and confused!

There are lots of other video projects on their website. The Egg Monk Warrior one is one of my faves!

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  1. Wooow! Amazing collection!!!!
    I loved it!

    the singular

  2. I love your blog — just stumbled across it in the comments section on Jak & Jill! I’d love to hear any feedback you have on mine:

  3. What a stunning find! The structuring on those pieces is divine!

  4. aaah so avant garde!

    love them all!


  5. aaah so avant garde!

    love them all!


  6. Love this collection so much. I wish I was rich!

  7. I would not mind owning that cape-dress thing one bit.


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