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Victorian Lace

Totally in love with Victorian lace blouses at the moment. So chic.
Here are some I’ve found on eBay this afternoon, mmmmmm..
How adorable is this dress! Oh my!

I’m having to be so strict with myself now as it occurred to me yesterday that I am going to Holland, Antwerpe and Paris in less than a month, and Paris is going to be a hefty shopping trip.
Need to work out a get-rich-quick scheme!

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  1. That dress truly is amazing but you have to be superslim to wear this.. oh my gosh!

  2. especially if you’re going to Paris!!!! get rich!! :P

  3. LOVE these blouses!

  4. lace and ruffles.. can never get enough!

  5. I love the second look, it is really cool.

  6. they are gorgeous! maybe hold on until after your trips as there will be loads of shops selling lace. i have your irreplacable quote on my page!

  7. I love for the first one!!

  8. Hey babe, thank you for the sweet words! I think I’ll make two more of this coat because that’s all the fabric I have left.

  9. Oh God, those blouses are so gorgeous! I love laced-up things :)

  10. Cuanto estilo !
    Un beso

  11. Beautiful pieces.

  12. Omg I am in loveeee with that black dress!

  13. Hey I love all of these looks – very cool Victorianna- I just wrote a blog on a beautiful Boudicca dress that fits into this va va Victorianna- check it out….


    Lovin the blog by the way,Ruth

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