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Vogue Italia
November 2010
Photographer: Steven Meisel
Stylist: Karl Templer
Models: Freja Beha Erichsen, Iselin Steiro, Iris Strubegger, Alla Kostromichova, Andrej Pejic, Michael Tintiuc and Tomek S.
I never usually go for fur, always admired on others but personally it’s too big and bushy for me. Out of no where this season I’ve been craving it like there’s no tomorrow. Layered up with leather, Ann Demeulemeester and other drapery; I guess I never saw it as a layering piece! I will keep you guys posted if I actually find anything – I have zero money right now but I’m going to scour the vintage stores. These images will be floating around my heard all winter, mmmm.

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  1. I LIKE!

  2. When I was this pics on Vogue Italia I was completely surprised (in positive). There were two reasons: first of all I was surprised to see men with that wear womenswear on a women magazing, secondly for the “naked body” that are put all together like in a orgy. SO it’s so sternag to see in Italy (that is not one of the most “Open mind” countries) these pics.

    Lovely phgotos and good idea to publish them in this post!

    p.s.: Obviously the fact that Meisel shot these wonderful pics help a lot the amazing appearance of them.


  3. Wow what a fantastic editorial! All the models look so similar!
    Rianna xxxx

  4. oh my gosh charlie im rather smitten with these x


  5. why everyone duing something fur related at the moment? lack of creativety?


  6. hey, i invite you to participate on my giveaway!

  7. I loveeee leather, and volunteer in a charity shop. They’re not allowed to sell them there, so they give me everything that comes in! I have aquired some gorgeoussss things for there :)


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