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The launch of Vanessa G was a party, a fashion show and a birthday all rolled into one. Held in the Banqueting Hall, the party was downstairs with the fashion show held upstairs under the gaze of beautiful renaissance art; the stage went all around the room with rotating art/mirrors, staircases and windows. A live band played some quite intense sinister string music whilst models walked around the room, moving behind screens to reappear later on. I have to say I found a lot of the garments reminded me of previous collections by various designers, the show lacked that first sight excitement of great design. The prints were beautiful with trousers and blouses covered in flowers and landscapes but I felt this was more akin to a Whistles or Reiss collection than high end. There was clearly a lot of money behind the event, I even heard that business woman turned designer Vanessa G had flown out the entire team of Vogue India for the night! 
It was a fun night despite my final opinion of the collection, we danced to Sophie Eliss Bextor, drank various cocktails and champagne whilst toasting to Vanessa’s 50th birthday.

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  1. Lush colours

    Helen, X

  2. love those pics,colours, people, clothes, evetything!

  3. looks like a fantastic launch party!
    I love the prints in this collection, very beautiful and inspiring
    Rianna xxxxxxxxxx

  4. beautiful photos, Charlie. x

  5. love the violet-purple trousers!


  6. Wow, Charlie, these are really beautiful photos! (& thanks for your sweet comment btw). I might have been invited to this and forgot to go – it’s becoming confusing sorting out what to go to or not: I wish someone created one website where we could just check out what to attend! Either that, or I need a PA : )

    I know what you mean about the collection: it has the feel of past collections using digital printing – I don’t know much about it but I guess the technology is making it possible to go in that direction – that, and new dye-cut options so they can mass produce the petal effect – but it’s like with any other technology – like CGI in film – just using technology alone isn’t always enough. Some of these cuts just don’t look flattering even on the models.

    But oh, I do love florals.. and you’ve got some amazing shots of the people at the party, like that girl with brown hair.

    Hope you’re having fun – see you soon xx

  7. très jolies photos

  8. great photos! :D

  9. breathtaking party pictures!

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