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Whilst in Antwerp I got the chance to visit the Fashion Museum, MoMu to see Unravel, Knitwear In Fashion. Although already seeing the video tour on A Shaded view, it didn’t spoil the exhibition for me at all; making me feel confident that this won’t for you either.
Of course the exhibition was packed with THE knitwear designer Sonia Rykiel, but it was also a great chance to see some unique pieces from Bruno Pieters, Rodarte, Alexander McQueen and Ann Demeulemeester (knitwear with metal chains!). It was also lovely to see fragile stockings and hoisery from various Belgian designers linking to the history of knitwear. 
My favourite part of all had to be the recreation of my favourite editorial styled by Panos Yiapanis for Another magazine. The outfit consists of four different hand knitted Sandra Backlund pieces, all layered on top of each other.
A definite must see if you find yourself in that area of the world.

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  1. All hail queen Tilda! She’s the definition of minimalist cool. I love the jumper with the ice cream cone on it, and the kimono style dress with the exposed back was stunning. It looks like such an amazing exhibition, I wish I could go myself!

  2. I was hooked from the first image. And can I just say that A. F. Vandevorst is so much on my radar right now.

  3. wow! absolutely love this post :)

  4. Knitwear is truly amazing, what a great opportunity to visit this exhibit!

  5. this is beautiful, truly stunning. it makes me wanna learn how to knit (not that i think i would be able to knit anything close to one of those delicate masterpieces). amazing and so inspiring!

  6. Fantastic ann Demulmeester!!

    tnx 4 sharing


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