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Ann Demeulemeester duo sandals from the Antwerp stocksales.

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  1. Soo jealz! Damn my size 39 feet.

  2. I like the beige one!

  3. love them love them love them

  4. Amazing! Only Ann D would make me love flatforms.

  5. i love this shot.

  6. I wanttt the black ones

  7. Too cool, wish I could pull these off!


  8. Fucking boss.

    I hate your feet, those shoes need mine :(

    p.s I miss you, drinkies pleasess.

  9. There’s a Stylish Blogger Award for you over at mine. You’re awesome ^-^


  10. lovely shot! and of course, the shoes… oh, i’m so jealous. ann demeulemeester stocksales in antwerp – too good to be true.

    i’m always amazed how cute ann d shoes look on the feet, while at first glance they sometimes look rather unshaped on the shelf. she is such a genius!

  11. “You have an amazing outfit (l) ” M.


  12. amaaaaaazing! <3

  13. amaaaaaazing! <3

  14. Omg. You two are so stinking freaking adorable. These are so cool!! xx

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