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You may remember that certain lunch I had with the Varg team and Maria Nilsdotter a few months back, well the ring I ordered finally arrived! It was a difficult choice as I could easily have worn them all, but fell in love with this style after I borrowed it in gold over fashion week last February. I decided on a smaller size so I can wear it above the knuckle, I usually have chunkier rings on anyway, so now I can wear them all together! So happy to add this little guy to the family.

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  1. The ring is so great, I absolutely love it! I think it was a good choice, I think it looks better over the knuckle than it would under.

    1. I agree Alice! The ring also comes with two talons on each side which I think would be perfect for normal ring wearing.

  2. I guess I don’t even have to say the J word!

    1. What’s the J word??

    2. JEALOUS


  3. ugh, that ring is absolutely beautiful, so jealous.

  4. sick, looks great on you

  5. cute ring

  6. Wow, beautiful ring, love the way it was packed!

  7. Oooh I have been looking for a ring that fits just above knuckle and even contemplated on getting size smaller but they just slip off top, this looks so cool, love all your exciting jewellery, gonna check it out! x

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