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I’d wanted these Acne Timber boots since seeing them full price around London everywhere; when the sales came by I kept missing them and my size was always sold out. I’d all but given up hope until over the weekend I saw them for sale on ShopBop, with only 1 left and in my size! Some things are worth waiting for – I’m totally in love with them, they’re kind of super ugly/super amazing. I can’t wait to wear them with shorts when summer kicks in!

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  1. they’re gorgeous!<3<3<3 look really interesting!<3

  2. Amazing! I love the heel shape. Also, the fact that they pull at the ankle is sort of hilarious. Definitely one part ugly one part incredible. They look like they’d be perfect in the fall when it’s rainy and wet. xx

  3. As Jen says, the ankle toggle is ghastly/amazing all at once! I really don’t think I’ll find them in my size though :( It’s not fair, we need to find more clothing we CAN ALL own. x

    1. dont worry, rmb how i said u can raid my closet! yay for boy in girl fashion LOL!! xx


  4. They’re that kind of thing I’d call so ugly they’re freaking beautiful. Definitely worth waiting for. How lucky were you with this purchase? Can’t wait to see how you wear them during the Summer :)

    xo Joana

  5. hard work pays! stay determined and the good things will come and u can start reaping in the goods! that’s pretty much what i went through when i wanted the acne avalanche shoes! lol totes worth the wait :)



    1. Oooh I love those ACNE Avalanche shoes too! Any boot that ends mid calf gets me, love that awkward length!

  6. Wow, those shoes are amazing!

    Lucy Loves To Blog

  7. Hey! love these! I wanted to ask you of they run large or true to size? thank you! x

    1. Hey Susan! Acne run large to size, as I am UK 7.5 but can always fit into a 7.

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