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Just as impressive as the men this London Fashion Week I think. The sun was finally out for the final day so we could truly enjoy it! I’ll be sorry not to be going to Paris this season, I had such an amazing time in February. I’m a little over fashion week now, seeing as I’ve been making a collection for the last few months; I need a fashion break! 

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  1. tell me about it. well and truly fashion-ed out. x

  2. Sometimes I am more excited about all the streetstyle shots and the details shots of the people attending fashionweek then I am about the shows themselves.Love this post! x

  3. mens day looks fun! I love looking at everyones fashion week diaries!


  4. Great pictures, I love the styles!

    Nicole http://www.vantagepointvintage.com/blog/

  5. the woman wearing the black Chinese style shirt with has made me want a blazer so baddddd lovelove love x x

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