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Wearing: Céline ponyhair espadrilles.

More eBay spoils from around the world, this time; a shoe that I never expected to fall for months ago, or even feature on this blog, but as we get ever deeper into summer I realised that I’m in need of more and more flat shoes.

Now I have a studio to cycle to every morning, I’ve been noticing how unpractical most clothing and footwear choices are – flashing half of Hackney with my asymmetric wrap skirt, or slipping off my pedal with my non grip sandals.. another reason I seriously fell for the Love Aesthetics x Black Blessed collab, with the short/skirt (SKORT), and transformer clutch/backpack designed in mind for cycling! So anyway, I’m not sure how much these flats will feature on the blog, as they are casual to-the-max but I thought they were worth photographing before I wear them to death peddling the roads of London!

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  1. jealooous much !!! :)


  2. Gah, those are perfect. Great find!

    Fashion Eaters

  3. Agreed, good summer shoes are hard to find. I’ve never really considered espadrilles as an option, but these are quite lovely.

  4. celine kills me at the moment!


  5. They look comfy!

  6. Nice article, It was inspiring.

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