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My first photo for the Now Project, inspired by Guy Bourdin and Alexxsia‘s new Wangs. Taken on my new flashy Samsung Wave, which I haven’t properly figured out yet but am hoping to get it up and running in time for fashion week.
Inspired by capturing images as they happen, Samsung have set up a facebook app called The Now Project where you can upload your images, edit them on the app and link them to wherever you are in the world.
For the opportunity to win one of the 25 Samsung Wave II  phones just go to the facebook app and start uploading. Your image could also be picked for an exhibition at the London Design Museum on the 17th March.

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  1. Cool post.
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  2. Finally you got your phone, look forward to see your pictures on NOW project online

  3. these shoes are bad ass

    Bow Dream Nation xx

  4. oh my god whos shoes shoes are they!!?!? oh wait they’re mine- haa! ferosh

  5. OH EM GEE!

  6. LOVE that photo!!! :D :D

  7. Those shoes are amazing!!

  8. wow, awesome photo and project!


  9. wow amazing shoes

  10. Great photo!

  11. i just love these boots!♥ and i am jelous :)

  12. fabulous pic!

    the shoes are killer, but they must be like 120mm high? how can alexxsia walk on them?

  13. there are no words for these shoes. they are too good!

  14. Fantastic shot! Love those Wangs.

  15. omg those booties aber amazing!

  16. Oh, I like your blog! /Matilda, Sweden

  17. great post, LOVE your blog! x

  18. Have just been looking through your blog – you take amazing photos! Thanks for your lovely comment. Following you :)

  19. love the shoes !

  20. You have an absolutely gorgeous blog my dear. And those shoes are pretty much to die for. Hope you’re having a fabulous weekend!

    xx THE CHEAP

  21. Shoes! They look amazing.

  22. Those shoes are so cute!!!!
    Super tall too!

    xoxo, Amanda Archambault
    Visit my blog, follow, and I’ll return the favor!

  23. Adore this project. And YOUR SHOES!

    Love Grace.

  24. those wangs are fucking awesome!! sweet picture

  25. These shoes are awesome!

  26. those shoes, good lord, i have never wanted anything more

  27. oh my those are beyond amazing!! <3

  28. Thanks for your nice comment ! Great blog !


  29. Adore the shoes!

  30. awesome post.
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    love cassie,

  31. Thanks for your nice comment. :-)))))

  32. I love the photo! :D


  33. – love the shoes
    great blog, i follow you


  34. dammit i replied to this and said I’d like to do it but they never sent me a phone – poo!
    This is a great shot tho – power shoesss!

  35. wooow these shoes are perfection

  36. these shoes are amazing!!! so i wish you luck :)

  37. killerheels! love them!

  38. Amazing boots. I’m loving the imagery on your blog. :)


  39. love this pic!
    good luck with that ;)

  40. WOW THAT IS AWESOME! I just googled the samsung wave cell, and I LOVE IT!!! I love samsung!
    The photo looks like it got shot with a digi cam, pretty good.
    btw, nice shoes. :D

    thank you for your comment on my post. :)

  41. These shoes are amazing.

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