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Editorial: “The Maxi Coat” ELLE UK, October 2013.

As I’m planning my suitcase for my biannual runaway to Devon for new seasons inspiration trip, I’m asking myself, how it’s going to be possible to take all these oversized garments with me? I’m so into the new layering and knitwear and 10 sizes too big coats, but this doesn’t bode well for my trip. Maybe I just cocoon myself for the train.. we shall see. That first coat still has me dreaming about the more affordable Sandro version, I just need a cold snap to come in to push me over the edge into buying. 

Source: Visual Optimism

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  1. Ok, I need a maxi coat haha !


  2. the first jacket ♥♥


  3. That first one is THE ONE.

  4. wow! i love it!


  5. Been seeing this editorial EVERYWHERE! It’s very inspiring for layering and wearing oversized pieces though. Have fun in Devon, the photos you take there are always stunning so I am looking forward to that haha! x

  6. Yumm. This is so good. xx

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