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Some images I’m finding inspiring for SS13, being frantically pinned on my Pinterest boards. I’m getting excited about starting the new season and have plenty of exciting design ideas coming to mind, with HPR meetings and possible designer collaborations on the headlines; it’s all just a few months away, but for now let’s just look at these relaxing images and think fluffy thoughts. Hope you all had a great weekend!

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  1. wowza.

  2. reaally nice and dreamy, I like!

    Daniel x

  3. Charlie I can’t wait to see your SS13 collection, loving the inspiration board esp the golden orangey-blue colour palette.

  4. cant wait!!! i reckon it will be superb than ever

    1. Thanks darlinggg <3

  5. looking forward to ur SS13, btw where can I buy some SS12 pieces? feel like sporting C.MAY this summer around the world lol ;)

    xx nathan.niche

    1. You can buy my SS12 online at Bengtfashion.com.

      I’m having a private orders evening in the next couple of weeks that you’ll have to come along to!

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