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A couple of weeks ago, whilst is was absolutely bucketing down with rain, I ran down Brick Lane to catch the opening of the new Shoes for Show exhibition presented by Javari.co.uk. I’m afraid the exhibition isn’t running anymore (sorry about that), but it featured shoes that were quintessentially designed for their beauty and not for wearability. It’s hard to pick a favourite but mine might have to be the Pugh shoe designed for Beyonce’s Girls video, and how amazing is that last picture of Mr. Ferragamo? 

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  2. One word: INCRED X

  3. fantastic!!! i wish i was there….

  4. eeeerrrrggjjjjjhhh I wish I’d come to this now!! The Katie Eary shoes are amazing (although I’ve learnt not to make comments about her work on the net now :/ ) but I think the Pughs are def the highlight! Oh to try them on…

  5. Where are those wooden-soled ones with the brown fringe from? And loving the Meadham Kirchhoff of course though I think they could have chosen a better colourway… What did Duck say about Katie Eary??! I love her!

  6. I really love those first studded boots – amazing!

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