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Charles Youssef
Central Saint Martins MA show

Even though this collection might be deemed as slightly ridiculous, I think the sculptural edge to these beautiful grey knitted/ribbed garments is very chic.
My particular favourite is outfit number 2.

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  1. looks like origami.

  2. Wow the shapes are unique…how is that possible? Thanks for the post!


  3. jigsaws from a sci-fi utopia, these are great. I’d even say they’re wearable in an offbeat ‘summer festival’ manner?

    hope your well, and be sure to come to the next wonky for a chin waggle. I’m sure I’ll be around at Dot to Dot festival too!


  4. visionary! maybe ridiculous, but very original x

  5. How Fabulous! There are a few designers who seemed to have experimented with the fun shapes for a/w 2010/11 . I love it.

    nad xx

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