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So pizza dough doesn’t really rise, but you can thank my boyfriend for that title. Last Thursday evening I returned to Assaggetti, but this time I was on the other side of the wall – in the kitchen! Michael, Alexxsia and I were the only fashion bloggers there for the prosecco tasting and pizza making event. We stood out like sore thumbs in our Wang and Acne, quoting this more and more as the night progressed. It was pretty exciting getting our hands dirty in the kitchen, we were taught everything from how the dough is made to appropriate oven temperatures (400 degrees!), we even had our own chef outfits. One key fact that stayed with me, is that you know the dough is right when it feels like a 20 year olds breasts.. you can’t make this stuff up. Cue blank expressions from the gays in the room. My favourite pizza was Lexxi’s sizzling chorizo and chilli, so good! I think smaller pizzas may be the best way to go, we got to try out so many different flavour combinations. Thank you so much Assaggetti and Alix, from MeMo Interactive, for the invitation! – Also to Michael for letting me steal a couple of pics.

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  1. u so cute darling

  2. nice pictures! loving the shoes<3

  3. Great pics! Love You rings and nails!!!



  4. first of all, now i am hungry, looks insanely good! second of all, i always wanted those acne booties! never did!

  5. cute pics!<3

  6. i would love to learn this!

  7. Aww, these are so cute! What fun. GooD luck with aw12. X

  8. Loving the title!!

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