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This evening I was invited along to a 4D spectacle at Ralph Lauren, on New Bond St, and I have to say it was quite a show! The building was transformed with 3D technology into the house of Lauren; with everything from a fashion show, to individual products, to the brands heritage in Polo sports. It was almost like something out of Inception with parts of the building coming out and rotating. My phone ran out of battery just before we got there so I’m quite gutted to say there’s no video. 
The professional video will go online on the Ralph Lauren website tomorrow.
The brand really pushed themselves to come up with something interactive, visually stimulating and “digitally innovative”, unlike anything we’d seen before. The 4D element I will add was perfume that wafted out of the buildings and hit us all at the same time, (lots of oohs and ahhs at this point). I later learned that they had people in Tiffany’s squirting the perfume out the windows at the right moment – I’m not sure how else I imagined it magically taking place.. but it’s fun to think of them all desperately squirting us when the time came.

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  1. Wow this sounds like quite an evening! The pictures look great- Ralph Lauren in 4D? A dream come true!

  2. Amazing…I’m every time interested about the fusion between technolgoya nd fashion..It’s wonderful that a big name, as Ralph Lauren is, go on and doesn’t remain locked in the past!!


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