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Exhibition Mag
The Leather Issue 2012
Photographers: Suzie Q and Leo Siboni
Stylist: Lotta Volkova
Model: Siri Tollerod

That first image is everything and more to me! 
I love the nude earthy tones in this whole ed. 

Source: Fashion Gone Rogue

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  1. YESSSS! I saw this editorial a few days ago on Fashion Gone Rogue, and I fell in love with it. So incredible. I love fashion images that make me a little bit uncomfortable while still showcasing beauty. This ed definitely achieves that.

  2. wow oh wow, what a fascinating editorial!

  3. This is so beautiful. There is so much going on and such depth/interest in each shot. Love seeing the editorials that stand out to you Charlie, they are always so different then what I come across. xx

  4. Interesting shoot :)

  5. Hi Charlie, I love these pictures, they’re so evocative and epxressive. You’ve got great taste!

    Jo xx


  6. A very artistic editorial. Interesting!

  7. That was fascinating to watch:D

  8. Intrigued by the naked leather trousers, slightly freaked out by the naked cat and whatever is coming out o her mouth…

  9. love the way they are pushing the boundaries, yet staying so perfect. Thanks for sharing!

  10. I love this exploration into the sometimes vulgar, carnal nature of raw leathers.

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