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  1. Ah, David was there! Next time I am sooo coming! Looks so gorgeous. Love seeing all your little snippets into what it was like. The style looks incredible. Love all the detail shots. Can’t wait to see what you wore… xx

  2. Where did you guys disappear? I came looking for you after the show in the pandemonium but gave up. I later saw Naomi at Isabel Marant but then had to run to Maison Margiela. Your visual diary looks great. I love it!

  3. So funny, I’m looking at these saying, I saw that, oh, look, there’s David… etc etc!! Glad you’re having fun too :) xx

  4. Love the pink cheeks and def need to try painting some cork wedges…

  5. oh god your blog is FREAKING awesome!! and these photos are fantastic, really! i love the shoes on the 4th photo i think..
    follow you darling:)

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