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I don’t know how I’ve gone so long without knowing about this guy but I discovered Nicolas Andreas Taralis randomly this morning, whilst trawling through the final markdowns online. You can watch the video to this collection on his website and watching the way the clothes move, will make you fall in love for sure. The concept for Nicolas is simplicity; clothes stripped back to their most natural form. I’m not talking about this specific collection, which has sci-fi influences but the general aesthetic. The styling is so paired back it feels like you can wear the pieces right off the runway. I’ve been hunting to find better images for the SS12 shoes too, but above was all I could find. Still totally amazing, of course but I want to see more of the knee high white cut out boots!

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  1. oh j’adore, j’adore

  2. so beautiful!^^

  3. wooow! x

  4. Lovely!! Great design!



  5. Nice!

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  6. What a find, darling! Love, love, love those boots. xx

  7. beautfitul collection

    My Free Choice

  8. Totes can’t believe you didn’t know Andreas before! D Pernet has been a big supporter for a while, suspect he did Hyeres…Maybe.

  9. He’s dope, one of my favorites Paris favorites!

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