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New shoes from Burberry

I just found this one image when looking through the behind the scenes Emma Watson photoshoot for Burberry, aren’t they beautiful? I am excited! They look so raw and edgy more like Ann Demeulemeester than Burberry.

And just to say, I really wasn’t sure when I found out that she was to front the new Burberry campaign but now I have seen the images she is absolutely the right choice.. I might even love her a little bit.

PS – I am in the process of putting my teams notes and illustrations of Graduate Fashion week up, I’m sorry it’s taking longer than expected. I had such an awesome time there, the shows were amazing and I feel really inspired. I wish I had another term to make another mini collection!

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  1. I want the shoes!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. Burberry’s shoes next season are amazing…super chunky lace-up platforms & matching pumps! Yum!

  3. Wow didn’t Burberry re-invent themselves.

    Talking of Emma Watson, I have to share the shoot she just did for Teen Vogue – I love the way it’s been styled. Dolce and Gabbana vs The English Aristocracy!


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