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Black Matte and Shine Manicure, ring by Maria Nilsdotter

Having fun experimenting with my new matte topcoat by China Glaze. I found it quite easy to draw it on freehand as mistakes could easily be rectified with any normal topcoat simply dapped onto the problem area. In other news, I’m busy  preparing to shoot my SS13 lookbook on Wednesday and all with an 8 week old puppy to train! 

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  1. Ahhh I love this!! I’m obsessed with everything matte at the moment…

    Do you just use this over a normal polish and it turns it matte?

    Jo x

    1. Yes exactly! You just paint it on like any topcoat, except it dries matte.

  2. Love matte black…I have a matte navy I wear all the time :)



  3. Wow! I love the mixture of matte and shiny, I’ve tried it with Chanel nailpolish some time ago. (To be honest, my Mom helped me. No, I’m not 12 years old but I’m quite ham-fisted).

    And I’m really looking forward to your new lookbook! Would you send me some pictures? Maybe I could write a blog post.

    1. Of course Tine! I’ll be posting them on here as soon as they’re up, so you can either copy them from the blog or ping me a comment so I remember! :)

  4. Love the matte effect.

  5. Chiiiic. Maybe I’ll do this too before the weekend. Must. Outchic. You.

  6. Love love love this matte nail polish. I’ve been dreaming about matte black nail polish since I saw it in Pinterest a few months ago. It looks so good! xx

    1. HAHAAH duckie is so funny

  7. WONDERFUL! I love this simple coolness!

    Love //Vienna Wedekind//
    Win DIESEL Shades

  8. what a good idea. love the clash of the 2 textures.. yer so gooddddd

  9. Amazing nails.. I need to try this!

    xx Sharday


  10. I really like your blog dear!
    Keep up with the good work!


  11. This is lovely! It would look so nice with burgundy as well!

  12. i like this website so much!

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