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So, I have been waiting with anticipation for my friend Stevie’s Vice ‘Love Blogging’ video to come out, in my opinion they saved the best til last although, I would say that and I really enjoyed all of them; such a talented bunch of bloggers! I particularly adored Celestine Cooney in one of the first ones, she is so lovable with so much enthusiasm.
If you aren’t aware of Stevie’s blog – Discotheque Confusion, go check it out immediately!
(I will definitely be going to check out Dirty Blonde Vintage on Chesire St too.)
If you haven’t been following the Vice Blogging series, I insist you go and catch up.

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  1. Gorgeous and inspiring photos! <3

  2. Have I been away for that long?? I loove Stevie, must catchup NOW. Thankyou Kira!! :D

  3. BUAHAHAHAHA. I called you Kira. Sorry about that, I was reading something with that name on it and got all confused. Silly me.


  4. Amazing photos…especially the one with all the colored printed clothes (it has something from missoni…)


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